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    Level Up (A5E) Rogue/Investigator ability - Track Recognition

    I'm a little confused by the 9th lvl Rogue/Investigator ability, Track Recognition. Maybe how it's phrased is just not clicking with me. What exactly is the ability supposed to do? The ability states, "Starting at 9th level, when you examine a creature’s trail (footprints or similar signs)...
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    Player-driven City Development?

    I'm running a 5e D&D campaign and the players are currently helping a small hamlet on the frontier. They've taken a liking to the village and are working hard to develop it into a thriving community and a safe home base. Besides the Kingdom Builder rules from Pathfinder's Kingmaker adventure...
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    Best Campaigns to convert into 5e? Suggestions Please!

    What are the best long series of adventures or campaign would you convert into 5e, and why? I feel the hankering to start something new with my current group of players, but none of the current WOTC offerings seem to inspire me at the moment. So I was wondering what 3rd party publishers had...
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    D&D 5E Princes of the Apocalypse- Renwick the Lich and the Knights of Sammular **Spoilers**

    Fellow DM's, does anyone have any advice or inspiration regarding making an interesting adventure out of the Summit Hall location in Princes of the Apocalypse? **Spoilers** My group of players has decided to help Renwick the Lich recover his brother's body from Summit Hall. Does anyone...
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    D&D 5E Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds?

    Which VTT do you prefer and why? I've used roll20 a couple of times and while it worked great, I've been wondering how it compares to Fantasy Grounds. With the new 5e campaigns getting released onto Fantasy Grounds it seems like it might be a good choice to use to run those campaigns for some...
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    D&D 5E 5e Artificer?

    Has anyone found any good conversions/creations for an Artificer? I've been pushing my group to get on the 5e tip and convert over from 4e. I'm able to create thematic versions of everyone's PC (rogue, swordmage, druid) except for the Artificer and am a bit stumped. Especially since magic item...