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    D&D 5E [GUIDE] The God-Wizard Stans were wrong, or: Inquisitor Lim's Guide to the DPR-Focused Wizard

    Treantmonk's latest video about how DPR-focused wizards suck and how DPR is a bad tool got me all salty. Especially because Tasha's, and to a lesser extent Wildemount and Xanathar's, made DPR-focused wizards much, MUCH more viable than they were at the start of this edition. Of course, I can...
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    6-8 Encounters a long rest is, actually, a pretty problematic idea.

    As someone who has run quite a few 3E, Pathfinder, and 4E D&D games and only a handful of 5E D&D games, I have to say that running large numbers of encounters in a 'workday' is problematic for two reasons: 1) A lot of players get very disengaged by their character going 'I Fire Bolt it.' 'I...
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    DDAL [DDAL PHB + 1 and summoning]

    So. If you want to summon a creature, how do you summon it with the PHB + 1 limitation, assuming your second book isn't a Monster Manual? Even if you want to make summoning a pure DM resource to get around this, there are certain summoning options, such as the Circle of the Shepherd, which...
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    D&D 5E [GUIDE] Inquisitor Lim's Bladesinger and Wizard Guide: Xanathar's Edition

    Hello! This is my first guide for 5E D&D, and let me tell you, I did not expect for this thing to reach 150+ pages. This guide was inspired by NADRIGOL's Bladesinger guide. However, I disagreed with the original author on certain spell ratings and I felt that a Magical Item guide was extremely...