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  1. DiasExMachina

    D&D 4E What Sci-fi resources for 4e are there?

    Thanks for the mention. Ultramodern4 was my answer (and to be honest, a middle finger) to people that claimed 4E could only work for fantasy. I then followed that up with NeuroSpasta (cyberpunk) and Apex (superpowers). They are all received rather well. I later adapted all three books to 5E...
  2. DiasExMachina

    Cyberpunk RED Has A November 14 Release Date

    Well, thank you for that. I have my own opinions on the various editions of D&D, their strengths and (numerous) weaknesses. For me, it's a canvas on which to paint a setting. I want to build levels upon that foundation, not move furniture around in the basement... (I think I lost the metaphor...
  3. DiasExMachina

    D&D General How to 3D Battlemap (Roll20)?

    YAY! Thanks for the support, and glad it worked out!
  4. DiasExMachina

    Kickstarter AFFINITY. New 5E RPG (from the creator of Ultramodern5) [funded in 1 hour]

    Thank you, we are close to crossing 40K$ with a bunch of stretch goals crossed.
  5. DiasExMachina

    Kickstarter AFFINITY. New 5E RPG (from the creator of Ultramodern5) [funded in 1 hour]

    FUNDED IN ONE HOUR! From the creator of AMETHYST, NEUROSPASTA, APEX, and ULTRAMODERN5… AFFINITY offers 600+ pages of races, classes, weapons, armor, magic & monsters spread across three interconnected worlds. The three settings presented in these books involve different realities sharing...
  6. DiasExMachina

    D&D 5E Best 5E Sci-Fi Resources

    Ultramodern5-REDUX offers a ton more content than original 5E, also one of our Affinity books which are on Kickstarter now is set in space
  7. DiasExMachina

    D&D General How to 3D Battlemap (Roll20)?

    Hey, how did this turn out?
  8. DiasExMachina

    Cyberpunk RED Has A November 14 Release Date

    NeuroSpasta is cyberpunk, yes. Also three projects of which you speak are on Kickstarter now. One is steampunk, one is fantasy, one is mecha. There is a broad scope of content in those books. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diasexmachina/affinity-three-sci-fi-fantasy-campaign-books-for-5e
  9. DiasExMachina

    Cyberpunk RED Has A November 14 Release Date

    Cyberpunk is a genre not defined by any one ruleset. Ultramodern5-REDUX has no setting at all because it's a universal system, but it does absolutely offer equipment, cybernetics, robots, and vehicles so it can fit that mold if needed. NeuroSpasta is a cyberpunk setting inspired by Ghost in the...
  10. DiasExMachina

    D&D General WotC Has Owned D&D Longer Than TSR Did

    Thanks for suggestion, Marc. I am rather proud of Ultramodern5. We just launched a follow up to it called Affinity, which is doing rather well on Kickstarter now.
  11. DiasExMachina

    RPG Crowdfunding News: Good Society, Four Perilous Journeys, ORPHEUS, UltraModern5, and more

    Ultramodern5 has already passed 3 stretch goals--the fourth will be broken today!
  12. DiasExMachina

    Kickstarter ULTRAMODERN5 REDUX Kickstarter LAUNCH!

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diasexmachina/ultramodern5-a-5e-universal-sci-fi-sourcebook The original Ultramodern5 did not present one world; instead, it provided the tools for GMs to make their own settings within the 5th Edition framework. In the original book, classes, equipment...
  13. DiasExMachina

    A Fistful of Dragons (Adventure) From Dias Ex Machina Games

    http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/230855/A-Fistful-of-Dragons-Adventure Compatible with the 5th edition (5E) of the first fantasy roleplaying game If only there were real dragons... The town of Miasto is not a destination. It won’t lead to an epic quest or forge long-standing...
  14. DiasExMachina

    D&D 5E UltraMax5 -- Grittier Ultramodern 5th Edition

    Teehee...yes, I was intentionally trying to be a little hyperbolic with that name. :)
  15. DiasExMachina

    D&D 5E UltraMax5 -- Grittier Ultramodern 5th Edition

    Everyone that has purchased Ultramodern5 will be able to download experimental UltraMax5 rules as of now. What is UltraMax5 UltraMax5 is an optional set of alternative rules meant to increase the realism of a modern or futuristic setting while also decreasing the more game-like elements...
  16. DiasExMachina

    Amethyst Factions

    Development of our next book has begun.
  17. DiasExMachina

    Sale GM's Day Sale for Dias Ex Machina

    Is every game book we offer on sale? Yes, yes they are all on sale. Every core book. Every rule system we support. All of them. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/2363/Dias-Ex-Machina-Games?term=Dias&filters=0_0_0_0_0_31817&test_epoch=0 All the love from Dias Ex Machina. :)
  18. DiasExMachina

    Release NeuroSpasta (5E) RELEASED

    Who wants cyberpunk for 5th Edition? NeuroSpasta is a transhumanism/cyberpunk setting utilizing 5th Edition rules and based on the hugely successful Ultramodern5. NeuroSpasta does require Ultramodern5, but we have offered a bundle where both can be purchased for cheaper. And for those that...
  19. DiasExMachina

    D&D 5E Cyberpunk for 5E rules preview (NeuroSpasta)

    Damn, got a cover made up and everi'thang.
  20. DiasExMachina

    D&D 5E Cyberpunk for 5E rules preview (NeuroSpasta)

    The reference: "The Greek word usually translated as “puppets” is neurospasta, which means “string-pulling”, from nervus, meaning either sinew, tendon, muscle, string, or wire, to pull." Hope that helps. :)