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  1. Hex08

    D&D General Why is D&D 4E a "tactical" game?

    I've never played D&D 4E, I quit D&D when it was released, but I have noticed it is frequently referred to as a "tactical" game, more so than other versions of D&D. Why is that? 3.x was a very tactical game, combat was pretty much designed to take place on a battle map with minis. Is something...
  2. Hex08

    What is your opinion of Savage Worlds?

    I'm curious what others think of Savage Worlds. Here's why I am posting and my experience so far. After primarily running Pathfinder 1st ed. since it was in beta I finally was getting burned out and wanted to move onto other game systems (this was around the time 2nd ed. was announced). I...
  3. Hex08

    The Strange

    I am curious about people's opinions of The Strange from a mechanics standpoint. I bought it when and a few of the supplements when it first came out but never played it. I have been staring at it on my bookshelf recently and thinking about running it. I only read the rules once when I first got...