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    Palace of the Vampire Queen Returns

    Palace of the Vampire Queen was the world's first known commercially-published adventure. Originally released in 1976 by Wee Warriors™, it is a 5-level dungeon with what was called pre-factored creatures and treasures (in other words, this is essentially a stocked dungeon). Designed for 0E /...
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    Wee Warriors Comes to Precis Intermedia

    Precis Intermedia is pleased to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to Wee Warriors and its products. Founded in 1975, Wee Warriors produced not only what is believed to be the first character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons, but also the first stand-alone adventure. Wee...
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    The RPGPromo Small Press Bundle

    20 Great RPG Titles - One Great Discount From fantasy and horror to action and espionage, there is sure to be something exciting and unique. This is a great way to support a diverse group of small press and indie publishers, including: Arion Games Battlefield Press Bedrock Games Better...
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    Two-Fisted Tales + Man, Myth & Magic Now Available!

    The Roleplaying Game of Man's Greatest Adventures is Back! Discover the Riddle of Stonehenge... the Secrets of the Pyramids... the Mysteries of the Ancient World... as you play Man, Myth & Magic. The classic 1982 boxed set returns as a PDF and Softcover (pre-order, read the PDF while you wait)...
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    Sale Precis Intermedia Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale

    Precis Intermedia Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale Use coupon code 9WAZXMNUYN at checkout to receive a 33% discount (excludes discounted and third-party items). Hurry - coupon good until Cyber Monday (Nov 26). http://rpg.deals OR Browse discounted items at DrivethruRPG...
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    Christmas in July at Precis Intermedia

    It's Christmas in July for Precis Intermedia. Save 25%. Use Coupon Code J86MG8Y9GV to take 25% off your order at the Precis Intermedia store: http://www.pigames.net Or Visit DriveThruRPG for our already-slashed pricing on most titles: http://rpg.deals/obs
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    Supergame 3E Now Available

    Supergame was one of the earliest superhero roleplaying games, and is back in an all-new Third Edition. This new version is designed to be quick and exciting without straining your budget. Create your own hero in minutes with a wide range of powers that can be measured with universal benchmarks...
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    Supergame Returns!

    Precis Intermedia is pleased to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to Supergame, the classic super-powered roleplaying game. Created by Jay Hartlove and Aimee (Hartlove) Milan, Supergame was the first superhero roleplaying game to utilize a point-based creation system...
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    Sale Precis Intermedia's Christmas in July Sale

    Take advantage of Precis Intermedia's Christmas in July Sale. 25% off most titles, either at DrivethruRPG or pigames.net (use coupon code J86MG8Y9GV for the latter to receive discount). http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/32/Precis-Intermedia http://www.pigames.net ( or http://rpg.deals )
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    MasterBook 2E

    The MasterBook™ Classic Reprint (PDF) now includes the Second Edition Public Playtest. Originally published by West End Games, MasterBook is a universal game system that can be adapted to everything from science fiction to high fantasy, from pulp adventure to dark horror. Using two 10-sided...
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    [Shatterzone] Everything you were afraid to ask about Fleet...

    Space is big... life is hard... surviving an encounter with Fleet may be impossible! Fleet is now available in both PDF and Softcover formats (pre-order the softcover and download the PDF to read while you wait). This Shatterzone supplement explains how the powerful, dangerous, and enigmatic...
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    20% OFF This Weekend at Precis Intermedia

    This weekend only, get 20% off your Precis Intermedia order with coupon code C4PAPJYQXR http://rpg.deals
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    City in the Mirage (Exiled in Eris)

    Go on the adventure of a lifetime! Go to the City in the Mirage. Embark on a journey over the desert by airship, visit the small Erisian town of Sweetwater, continue with a perilous overland trek, explore the ancient ruins of the invisible city, and contend with the dangers that lurk within it...
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    Precis Intermedia Holiday Specials are Live

    Precis Intermedia's Holiday Specials are live: http://rpg.deals/xmas Save on Bloodshadows 3E, Shatterzone, High Valor, Lords of Olympus, the Amazing 8in1 Dice, and more...
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    High Valor Revised: Will•Faith•Valor for the win

    High Valor Revised: Will•Faith•Valor for the win The Free Kingdoms struggle to leave their Dark Ages behind just as their deepest fears are realized. The demonic Fane-Lords who once enslaved man, have destroyed the Black Gate that held them in their own lands. Now all of the races of man --...
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    Bloodshadows 3E Now Available!

    Bloodshadows, the classic fantasy-noir RPG returns as an all new stand-alone RPG. Portray a Vampire, Succubus, or one of 14 other species, including Humans. Be a socialite looking to move up the social ladder or private eye trying to crack his next case. Do you use magic or is a heater and your...
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    Exiled in Eris: Sword & Blaster Roleplaying

    Jump into the pulp action of swords, blasters, robots, and monsters with Exiled in Eris. A roleplaying game that combines tropes from Planetary Romance, Sword and Sorcery, and the Wild West. Mix them up with blasters, skin-tight bodysuits, glowing swords, and cyberdroids. Then set them against...
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    Shatterzone books back in print

    It's a vast and dangerous sea of planets and stars... Fortunes can be made, dangers encountered, and dark mysteries solved... Shatterzone, the Classic Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game. Seven supplements, plus the core rules and card deck are back in print, with more to come.
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    Gear Up with GearTech for Shatterzone

    Space is big... life is hard... but now you've got access to the tools needed for survival! Precis Intermedia has released GearTech, a supplement for Shatterzone that provides new weapons, armor, robots, cyberware, bioware, skillsofts, vehicles, and other gear -- plus two adventures. Combining...
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    Sale Clearance Sale!

    Save BIG on clearance softcovers, from Shatterzone and The Solo Wargaming Guide to Mean Streets and Ghostories Limited supply -- first come, first served. Shop Now!