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  1. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd...tarokka deck necessary?

    How often are cards pulled from the Tarokka Deck? Is it frequently throughout the campaign or more of a one encounter deal?
  2. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E Forgotten Realms Alliances

    Im running Lost Mines of Phandelver...there are a lot of alliances and fraternities the PCs can join. Can they join more than one? Should the other PCs know who joined what? Are there any that feature more prominently in other adventures? What does a new group do with these?
  3. Jack Hooligan

    D&D General Dragonlance: Best Sources?

    Coming back to D&D after many editions away, but was a big DL fan back in the day. So, Besides the 2e stuff, where there ever quality materials produced for the setting? Taking publishing materials from all the editions into account, which stands as the best source for the setting? also, what's...
  4. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E Sword Coast Adventures v Xanathar's Guide

    So, I'm currently running LMoP/SKT and plan to go ToA afterward. Beyond that maybe OotA or CoS. I don't know anything about the Forgotten Realms beyond what's in the D&D starter, PHB, and in the campaign books. Do I need either of these FR supplement books or are they more for DM's who are...
  5. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E SKT: Bryn Shander, Goldenfields, or Triboar?

    I'm going to be running SKT for two groups (one doing 1-5 in LMoP, the other via SKT) and the two will join up in Chapter 2. Looking over the three, I'm leaning toward Triboar and Bryn Shander, but I'm curious what experience others have had with this chapter of the campaign. Which town had the...
  6. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E Critical Hit Decks?

    Looks like there was a neat little deck of cards for 4e that made coming up with various Critical Hits easy. I see they were made by Paizo, but there's some Nord Games one also. Any difference? Which is best to convert to 5e?
  7. Jack Hooligan

    Whiteboard Alternatives (Mac)

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good alternative to Microsoft Whiteboard? I'm using a Mac and don't need anything fancy. Just something to doodle a few encounter features, not heavy map making. One feature I would like though...say I had an image, I'd like to run some grey over it, then use an...
  8. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E What's the largest number of PCs you've had in a session?

    I'm considering running two separate groups through Storm King's Thunder at the same time and they would cross paths a few times, but pretty much end up playing the campaign in parallel. The combined sessions would end up with 7-8 players though. Ugh, that's a lot. I prefer 3 in a group. 4 max...
  9. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E Tips for SKT - 2 parties, 1 game

    So, I have a group working through LMoP then will hit Storm King's Thunder. I have a second group of players that also want to game, but I don't have the bandwidth to run two different online campaigns. So, I'm thinking about having this second group join the first at the 5th level entry point...
  10. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E Magic Items for a Monk Character?

    One of the players in my group is switching over to a Monk, but the adventure (LMoP) I'm running doesn't seem to offer a lot of treasure for that class. What sort of magic items work for this class that won't negate their abilities? Are Gauntlets considered armor? I mean, they need to stay...
  11. Jack Hooligan

    D&D 5E Best 5e Adventures for Kids v Adults

    So, I find myself getting ready to run two different groups through 5e. One is made up of three adults, the other four middle school kids and one other parent. The kid group halfway through with Mines of Phandelver and I plan to continue them into Storm Kings Thunder. When SKT is over...I'm not...