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  1. Shardstone

    WotC WotC makes more money than Hasbro's toy business

    10 years ago, WotC was making just barely 30 mil a year off D&D. Now they're making hundreds of millions a year, and, alongside magic, have completely redefined Hasbro. https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/47698/wotc-makes-more-money-hasbros-toy-business
  2. Shardstone

    Check out SCAVENGER: Nomads of Uncharted Worlds - a 5th Edition Setting Where Bronze Age Meets Science Fantasy

    SCAVENGER: Nomads of Uncharted Worlds is a beautifully illustrated art book and also an original campaign setting for D&D 5E set in a ravaged bronze age world where the only hope is an ancient gateway to other mysterious dimensions throughout the multiverse. Explorers, wanderers, treasure...
  3. Shardstone

    D&D 5E WotC will likely be making a dedicated Psion class, as per recent tweets

    Link to the SageAdvice here: https://www.sageadvice.eu/2019/11/30/jeremy-crawford-we-havent-closed-the-door-on-a-class-like-mystic-psion/ As I said before, I'd eat my words if WotC said they'd make a dedicated Psion class. While I enjoy the one I've homebrewed recently, I'm happy to be getting...
  4. Shardstone

    D&D Has the Biggest Playerbase, So Why is it the Hardest for 3rd Party to Market Too?

    If what WotC said in the recent article about how they have 12-15 million players in NA is true, then they are way more massive then what 3rd party success would lead one too believe. On a lot of forums outside of EnWorld (and sometimes, even on EnWorld), 3rd party material is always treated as...
  5. Shardstone

    D&D 5E [5E] Al-Qadim Conversion Playtest Rules for a Future Book

    PDF for the playtest is here. It contains 6 new sub-races, one new race, a bunch of new archetypes, feats, and backgrounds, and then three variant rules (Verbal Duels ; Magical Carpet Combat ; Natural Hazards). I'd like it if you guys could read over this playtest pdf, maybe play it yourself...
  6. Shardstone

    40+ Pages of Al-Qadim Character Options for 5E

    Al-Qadim is one of my favorite settings, and I really wanted to create a conversion that I thought captured the soul of the setting. The final book isn't done yet, but I just posted a huge playtest document for its character options. I would love it if you guys could play with it and let me know...
  7. Shardstone

    D&D 5E New Curse of Strahd/Ravenloft Background: The Haunted One!

    In Chris Perkins AMA today on Reddit, he released the new (and only) character option that will be in Curse of Strahd: the Haunted One background. What do you guys think about it? Quite frankly, I love it, and can't wait to use it in a game.
  8. Shardstone

    Homebrew Monster - Doirend, the Imaginary Duchess - An Archfey Teaser

    Hey everyone! So I run a small outfit that puts out fanmade books of homebrew material! Our next book, GrimmDark: A Book of Fairy Tales, is a book dealing with fey and fairy tales. It introduces new lore, monsters, character options, magical weapons, and much, much more! We want to show you guys...