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    D&D 5E Why do Monks only have d8 HP instead of d10 HP?

    I think its odd they have a D8 too. Sure, you want them to be more nimble, but their defenses are already going to be lower without the usual armor and such. I came up with a rework idea that includes them having a D10 as well as some improved defensive options, including the choice to redirect...
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    D&D 5E Signature Technique! 5E Monk Rework

    Yes, that is my intent.
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    D&D 5E Signature Technique! 5E Monk Rework

    Hello All! After listening to Treantmonk's video on the Monk being underpowered, and reading forum post here and elsewhere online, I wanted to rework the monk to make the overly baseline it gives more powerful, a bit better to multiclass with, and some additional fluff. That said, this rework...