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  1. EternalDungeonMaster


    What do the following acronyms stand for (within the context of W.O.I.N.)? 1. O.L.D. 2. N.O.W. 3. N.E.W. Thanks. CNYGamer99
  2. EternalDungeonMaster

    D&D 5E Game Master 5 iOS App: Importing Character Skills (multi-word skills)

    I'm hoping someone with experience using the Game Master 5 iOS app compatible with D&D 5e could answer a question. When setting up an XML document for a player character for use in Game Master 5, I'm having trouble with the two multi-word skills (Animal Handling and Sleight of Hand). It seems...
  3. EternalDungeonMaster

    Seeker mature gamers in Auburn, NY

    Hi all. We have a small gaming group in Auburn, New York. We play weekly Saturday D&D 5th edition. We meet sporadically for various board games (presently our group is quite enamored with Twilight Imperium). Additionally, we sometimes do limited run (3 or 4 session) roleplaying games using...
  4. EternalDungeonMaster

    D&D 5E WotC: Please do these 3 things for D&D's next iteration

    Dear Wizards of the Coast, As a life-long Dungeons & Dragons player who has been involved in this hobby both personally and (on and off) professionally for a very long time, I ask you to please do the following for the next iteration of D&D: 1. Please write complete products. Don't write...
  5. EternalDungeonMaster

    Seeking in-print horror theme RPG

    Hi all. I am interested in running a roleplaying game in which the characters are vampires. I'm interested in something that will allow me the flexibility to create my own vampire "canon" (e.g., do stakes kill them, do crosses repel them, can they enter homes unbidden, etc.). The only catch is...