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  1. Nightcloak

    Party at Chaos Evoker's Place

    With the relaunch of the GMF. I thought a good old fasion get-together would fit the bill. And on top of that, it's the holidays! So I say we volunteer CE's place, for he is the founder, for a good ol' holiday party. Everyone could bring a dish. Some drinks. Some music. I'm sure he would love...
  2. Nightcloak

    Why Stories Rock!

    Stories rock in a roleplaying game. The finely crafted adventure, being in faraway lands and exotic cultures. Yes, we have combat. Scores, bonuses, more bonuses, and the D20 roll. But in the end, we play the game to escape to another world of fiction. One where art imitates the way we think...
  3. Nightcloak

    Why Combat Rocks!

    Combat rocks in a roleplaying game. The beautiful art of combat and the ultimate test of a hero’s wit, the warrior bring the sword down on the enemy. Yes, we have descriptive boxes detailing stories, exotic locations, detailed cultures to explore, and plots to unravel with people to save. But...
  4. Nightcloak

    Special 4/1 update of "The Essential Guide to a GM's Notebook"

    In World War 1 the fighter plane made its debut on the world stage and forever changed the scope of warfare. Nations rushed to control the new founded frontier, the sky. Air supremacy is a must to this very day, but not so easily achieved during those glory days of WWI. The fighter planes of...
  5. Nightcloak

    The Essential Guide to a GM’s Notebook *Updated 11/10 - Chapter 12*

    The Essential Guide to a GM’s Notebook *Updated 11/10 - Chapter 12* This thread is a spin-off of BardStephenFox’s excellent “The Fine Art of Winging It” thread. It will be a list of items essential to a GM’s notebook. Before I start the process of listing essentials there is a few things in...
  6. Nightcloak

    When the Dice go Bad

    With all the great threads detailing classic “stupid moments” in games, I was reminded of moments were the dice turned on my players. When I mean turn, I mean turn spectacularly bad in a “What are the odds?” kind of moment. Something you talk about years later and end up reading in Knights of...