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  1. Johnsson

    Coming 5e Symbaroum coming to Kickstarter

    We are happy to announce that our project for bringing the praised world of Symbaroum to 5e is coming to Kickstarter at 3 pm CET (9 am US eastern) on April 13! Sign up at the pre-launch page if you wish to be notified the moment it goes live...
  2. Johnsson

    Free Free League's Symbaroum on Kickstarter

    Explorers,treasure-hunters, adventurers and loyal subjects, listen up – trustworthydirections to the legendary city of Symbar has been uncovered! Pack your bagsimmediately, sharpen your swords and resupply your stock of healing herbs, forthe expedition leaves as soon as the warmth of spring...
  3. Johnsson

    Kickstarter Symbaroum Kickstarter with Add-on Options

    The Swedish game studio Järnringen is back on Kickstarter aiming to fund the translation and post-production of the third episode in their grand Symbaroum campaign, the Throne of Thorns. Part III is entitled Yndaros – the Darkest Star, and is set in Yndaros: the thriving, yet unruly capital of...
  4. Johnsson

    Kickstarter MONSTER CODEX for Symbaroum on Kickstarter

    Swedish game studio Järnringen is at it again, with a new kickstarter campaign for their ENnie and Origins nominated fantasy RPG Symbaroum. This time it's about funding the production and post-production of a Monster Codex. After a start with close to 700 backers and four stretch goals unlocked...
  5. Johnsson


    Product information... View for more details
  6. Johnsson

    Symbaroum has launched

    Six months ago the Swedish game studio Järnringen ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, aimed at raising funds for translating their hit roleplaying game Symbaroum into English. Now the work has been done and one week ago, after having been read and played by the fundraiser...