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    Spellsword: Channel Spell (CW)

    If a spellsword channels a ray (or any spell capable of critical hits) into a melee weapon, can the spell crit? a) Caster level 6 scorching ray channeled into a rapier. The attack roll is a 20 and the threat is confirmed. Does the attack deal 4d6 or 8d6 of fire damage from the scorching ray...
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    resistance, vulnerability, and saves

    Is anyone aware of any official rules to handle this situation? Suppose a frost giant (vulnerability to fire -- half again as much fire damage) with a ring of minor fire resistance (fire resistance 10) is in the area of a fireball dealing 20 points of damage (reflex save for half). The giant...
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    Illusion Adjucation

    I have several (related) questions concerning adjucating Illusion spells. Ultimately (in my opinion), there are no "correct" answers seeing as different GMs can adjucate Illusions however thay want. I am asking for opinions on how GMs do/would adjucate these situations. For simplicitly, let's...
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    Quick (hopefully) question.... While casting a spell, if the spellcaster takes damage from multiple readied actions, are multiple concentration checks necessary or is only one concentration check (DC depending on the sum of all damage dealt) necessary?
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    Slightly different Mind Blank question...

    ... or at least I have yet to see any discussion on this particular aspect of mind blank. Do any of you GMs out there rule that since mind blank "protects against all mind-affecting spells", heroism and greater heroism have no effect on someone who is warded by mind blank? Both of these spells...
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    Magic Auras

    Do all active spells with a duration longer than instantaneous have a magical aura? Specifically, if a character using Arcane Sight studies a subject who is influenced by Charm Person or Dominate Person, would the character see the enchantment aura?