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  1. BacchusNL

    D&D 5E Question about Conjure Minor Elementals.

    Hey people, My charater just picked up a ring that lets him summon some magma mephits (as per conjure minor elementals) so I was going over the stat block and saw they can all cast Heat Metal. But I can't stack 4-5 heat metals on the same target, because that would technicly be the same as...
  2. BacchusNL

    D&D 5E Your thoughts on these homebrew spells

    Hey people, I've been working on these variations to Healing Word and Mass Healing Word for a bit to fit the Tiefling Divine Soul i'm currently playing in Storm King's Thunder and could use some input on them before presenting them to my DM. The basic idea behind them was that; -I wanted to...
  3. BacchusNL

    D&D 5E Question regarding warlock expanded spell lists

    Hey yall, So I've been playing a warlock for about 4 levels now and always assumed their patron spell list was like druid circle spells or cleric domains (free spell choices you always have prepared), but then a party member pointed out that it merely expands your spell list, not that it...
  4. BacchusNL

    Custom Feat: Master Duelist

    So here is a bit of background first; I've been playing with the same group (high beer & pretzel level, super fun and easy going) for almost 2 years now, and a while back we started a new campaign where is decided to play an Arcane Trickster I had some pretty cool character ideas for. Ok, it was...