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  1. BrooklynKnight

    WotC Seeks Unity with a New Edition

    No Sean K Reynolds? Fail! The rest of the list is pretty cool though...
  2. BrooklynKnight

    Occupation/Resistance --Terra Nova # 12 & 13/Season I 2011/Season Ending

    My personal theory is that there is more then one time hole. There are many, in different parts of the world. With the right set of circumstances these holes in time can be opened just like the first. So....working under that assumption, that means there is ANOTHER time vortex in the Badlands...
  3. BrooklynKnight

    Now You See Me --Terra Nova # 10/Season I 2011

    I was right. Mira admitted it, she has no control over Daniel and he's the one in charge...
  4. BrooklynKnight

    Proof --Terra Nova # 8/Season I 2011

    Because I'm betting "Daniel" figured out the technology for Real Time communication after he "vanished". I'm guessing that he's the 6'ers true leader. He's the one that would have contacted "the future" and set up the infiltration of the 6th pilgramage. My guess at this point in the game, is...
  5. BrooklynKnight


    I think the scene was suitably shocking that it kinda worked. She wasn't expecting it either. I am kinda annoyed that they keep removing hot chicks from the cast. First her daughter then Kate. Edit: If ya hadn't noticed they removed Kate from the opening intro. She might come back for an...
  6. BrooklynKnight

    Walking Dead season 2 (spoilers)

    100% Correct. I'm left wondering if they used buckets to get out as many of those entrails as possible before sealing it off. It might be safer to just dump a few bags of concrete mix down there to prevent it from leaching into the water table in the near future.
  7. BrooklynKnight

    Walking Dead season 2 (spoilers)

    As long as the Water Table itself is not over run with the virus eventually the well would filter itself out and be clean...that's most likely what they were thinking.
  8. BrooklynKnight

    Grimm or Once Upon a Time

    Grimm didn't really grab me the same way Once Upon a Time did. Grimm wasnt nearly as bad as The Event for example. Im going to watch it a few more episodes. I'm committed to watching OUAT till the end though. It's a great take on the concept. I do feel I was right though, OUAT should have...
  9. BrooklynKnight

    JourneyQuest Season 2 on Kickstarter

    I love it. The Fallout Nukabreak series was funded this way too!
  10. BrooklynKnight

    Once Upon A Time

    I'm giving it a commitment of a few weeks, but I think the premier really should have been two hours.
  11. BrooklynKnight

    The Runaway--Terra Nova # 5/Season I 2011

    Ugh, splitting the show with a long break within the same season is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea.
  12. BrooklynKnight

    What Remain--Terra Nova # 4/Season I 2011

    The Naked Time for TOS and The Naked Now for TNG...
  13. BrooklynKnight

    Epic Mealtime Presents.....Meat Cthulhu

    If none of you are familiar with the genius that is Epic Mealtime (sometimes appetizing, sometimes horrifyingly disgusting) then it's time to "delve" in. Meat Cthulhu - Epic Meal Time - YouTube Fair warning, there is some objectionable language, but that's about it..
  14. BrooklynKnight

    IPhone 4s = overanticipated

    I'm still on an iPhone 3G and it's on it's last legs. It's slow and freezes all the time, despite my cleaning it out a few times and starting from scratch. It takes forever to use GPS based apps. I can't wait for the 4S.
  15. BrooklynKnight

    A Light in the Darkness - A Star Wars Fan Film

    Incorrect, there are various weapons in the SW Universe that can indeed parry Light Sabers. He might not be a real Jedi but he was trying to be one.
  16. BrooklynKnight

    A Light in the Darkness - A Star Wars Fan Film

    Io9 had a link to this really amazing Star Wars Fan Film. The story is tried and true cliche, but it feels authentically Star Wars. There was only one moment that stood out to me as wrong. Can you spot it? A Light in the Darkness - Star Wars Fan Film | Part 1 of 3 - YouTube A Light in the...
  17. BrooklynKnight

    Doctor Who Series 6 Fall run

    So far how many times has the doctor claimed that 200 years on screen? Was it only that one time or were there other examples?
  18. BrooklynKnight

    How can space travel be like world travel?

    I know i'm nitpicking but I can't help it. Invented implies intelligence. Don't you mean "came into existence" or "formed" or whatever.
  19. BrooklynKnight

    Fallout: Nuka Break

    It's up to episode 3 now and I think episode 4 is a few days away.
  20. BrooklynKnight

    Doctor Who Series 6 Fall run

    I don't care what Doctor Who Confidential says. I think the 200 year thing is a lie. Even River says. The Doctor always lies, and so does she. Until we get some on screen confirmation that he actually spent 200 years wandering around....I'm not gonna believe it. Taking into account everything...