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    Communication between creatures of an enemy group

    Let's say there's a cult and several of the cultists and mercenaries that were hired don't have any language in common. Do you just make them unable to communicate with each other, other than via handsigns? But how do they made deals or issue commands? Or would you just think "anybody joining a...
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    5E Languages

    So I was just wondering how to determine if PCs can communicate with a creature. Each creature has a list of languages it can speak, but what if the PCs don't have any of these in common? The player's handbook says that many languages are just different accents of the same language, but it...
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    5E Villains that are supposed to escape

    I was just wondering how you handle it when the module says that a villain escapes when he is about to lose the battle, but actually has no means to escape combat-mechanics-wise (grappled, etc.). Would you just force it and just override any combat rules and switch to narration mode or just let...
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    5E Tremorsense and ranged attacks

    Hi, I'm just curious how other DMs would rule the following situation: The combat takes place in a heavily obscured area (e.g. Fog Cloud). One person has tremorsense, the other person does not. As per sage advice clarification we know that Tremorsense also counts as seeing someone. The rules...
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    5E Non-trivial climbing during combat

    Let's say it was established that climbing something requires a successful DC 10 Athletics check and the PC failed that check during combat. Would you allow the PC to roll again on the same turn when he uses the Dash action to retry?
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    5E Weapon material

    Did anyone ever make a table out of which material each weapon is by default (if not specified/established otherwise)? I'm soon to come into the situation where I need to tell weapons made of metal apart from the others. Need a neutral opinion / table.
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    5E Gentle Repose on eyeless target

    One of my players asked this and I was surprised I couldn't find anything about it online: Gentle Repose requires copper pieces to be places on the corpse's eyes and only works as long as they aren't removed. But what if the target doesn't have any eyes? What if you cast it on a steak? My...
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    5E Fear spell

    I was wondering what balanced handling for the Fear spell would be, especially the part about dropping what your holding. I found several discussions on disarming but none of fear, but it's quite similar. The core question seems to be "Can you pick up an item in an enemy's space as your free...
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    5E [PotA] Background Story

    Hi all, I need some pointers on this. Elemental Evil has quite some background story to it and I was wondering if all of that is revealed in the later chapters of the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure path. I ask this because I'm wondering what I can tell my players early on and what should...
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    5E Pushing into fire elemental

    The fire elemental has the following trait: Now one of my players has the idea to push another enemy into the fire elemental or through the fire elemental. And I wonder how that would work out. It seems the "burning" is only triggered when the fire elemental actively moves into a creature's...
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    5E Command spell as reaction

    Let's say a paladin fights a rogue. The rogue keeps hiding. The paladin uses the ready action and defines "When the rogue comes out of hiding to attack, I cast Command "Approach" on it." The rogue fails the wisdom saving throw. Questions: 1. Is the attack of the rogue still executed? 2. Can...
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    5E Spectral weapon and similar - who is the attacker

    Some skills refer to an attacker. For example Uncanny Dodge says it applies when you can see the attacker. This makes me wonder who the attacker is in case of some spells like Spiritual Weapon. Let's say the spellcaster is unseen but the spectral weapon is right next to the rogue, can he apply...
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    5E [PotA] Dellmon Ranch Map

    So this seems to be a mystery to me and all my players and we would really love to know the answer: What are those white lines extending from the Dellmon Ranch on the map?
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    5E Can a Phantom Steed pull a wagon?

    The spell's descriptions says that: 1. The steed has the statistics for a riding horse 2. Only the person the steed was summoned for can ride it That leaves room for interpretation whether the steed can only be used to ride it or it behaves just like a normal riding horse for anything other...
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    5E PotA The Long Road Side Track Lore Question

    One of my players is quite interesting in the D&D lore and keeps asking me questions I have a hard time to answer. So before I tell him I don't know, I would like to see if anyone here has an idea about these things (Warning: PoTA side track spoilers): The module says "They hire the characters...
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    5E Book of Ancient Secrets and Spell Scroll

    With Book of Ancient Secrets a Warlock can copy any ritual spell he finds. What if the spell he finds is on a spell scroll? Does the general rule for copying a spell from a spell scroll still apply? Or can Warlocks copy the spells to 100%, because the invocation doesn't mention failure?
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    5E Invisibility and holding items.

    Someone under the invisibility spell holds an item that extends long beyond his body, for example a rope. Does the whole item become invisible as long as he keep holding it? I see the spell text only refers to carrying and wearing and not holding. However, commonly DMs would include weapons...
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    5E Attacking worn or carried objects

    So I'm mostly curious on how other DMs rule this. Let's say the PCs all have darkvision and are facing enemies without darkvision during the night. The enemies are holding lanterns, others have lamps attached to their belts. They need these so they even have a chance to defeat the PCs. Now the...
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    5E Acting order with multiple ready actions

    Let's say three creatures have the following initiative order: A -> B -> C A says "I ready an action to attack B when C attacks." B says "I ready an action to attack A when A attacks." C attacks. Usually if there's only one ready action, we said in another thread already that the trigger is...
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    5E Knowing of a threat without noticing it

    Okay, another tricky one: The PCs know that enemies are coming and are ready to attack them the moment they appear. However, the enemies have the plan to ambush the PCs and they all succeed their stealth roll. Are the PCs surprised or does knowing that enemies are approaching already count as...