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    D&D General DM’s secret Wish: Santa make my house rules become official!

    In the DM guide there is a good chapter about world building. It’s credo is : Build your own world. There is enough guideline to build a wide variety of world, society, including different behavior for planes, gods, monsters. These is also guidelines to adapt combat, roll the dice, resting. Dnd...
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    D&D 5E Some thoughts on Warfare in DnD

    I went out of subject in another thread, but I think this worth sharing. How do you imagine warfare and battle in your setting? In french historical medieval nobles train and equip themselves. When the king call them they form a huge unit of heavy cavalry composed of thousands of knights. In...
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    What’s make you feel magical?

    What’s make you feel magical? Forget the debate about cantrip, share here what makes you feel magic. Movie scene, book character, DnD stuff, everything is good. I start with Dr Strange in the infinity war, when he scan the 6 millions possible future path to find ouf the only one that lead to...
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    D&D 5E Blizzard Hearthstone, inspired by DnD

    Ten years ago, with the 4ed, DnD was inspired by WoW. Now we see a reversal, Blizzard make an expansion for HeartStone that is inspired by DnD and dungeons. Unsuspected reversal!
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    D&D 5E Game design allow sub optimal class build. Confirmed by M Mearls

    George Sutherland H ‏@Acr0ssTh3P0nd @mikemearls Does the game math assume characters use races with class-optimal Ability Score increases? (((Mike Mearls)))– ‏@mikemearls @Acr0ssTh3P0nd no We can play a class with a race we like, use feat that look cool, use spell for fun and role play...