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  1. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Level Up (A5E) Is there going to be an SRD for this?

    I'm not saying there should. But I find them useful in addition to PDFs, so I need to ask.
  2. Silvercat Moonpaw

    D&D General Rethinking the class name "Druid".

    UPDATE: I don't like the name. I increasingly feel like it's simply the wrong fit for my vision of generic fantasy: no matter how many contexts it gets used in I don't feel like I can separate the name from its original context. So I'm trying to think of alternatives. So far I've come up with...
  3. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What tropes do you want to see more of in sci-fi RPGs?

    Like the thread on fantasy I started earlier, only for science-fiction. I want to see more settings based around bypassing outer space, even though world-hopping is a possibility. Stargates are one example, with interdimensional travel being another. Reason: I don't care for outer space all...
  4. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What tropes do you want to see more of in fantasy RPGs?

    What it says on the tin: what setting/story elements do you feel don't get enough love in fantasy RPGs? Personally, I think sapient non-humanoids as normal members of society is woefully underutilized. I know it's hard for beings without humanoid hands to interact with many combat and...
  5. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What makes E6 "gritty"?

    Title says most of it. I'm considering a system for fantasy gaming, and I might as well consider D&D 3.5/Pathfinder. Since I don't want superheroes (since if I did there are better systems for it) I'd be using one of the E# level caps. Trouble is I've never understood what the terms for the...
  6. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What would be your WILD ideas for D&D?

    As a friendly counterpoint to the "Essential classes of D&D by Tradition" Poll-Thread I'm interested to hear what people would do if they were allowed to break D&D tradition when creating a new D&D (whether or not any of you would actually end up calling it D&D out of respect for (or fear of)...
  7. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Looking for info on how E8 and E 12 work.

    I've heard about E6, and read some stuff on it, and while I like the idea of making the game easier to work with I look forward to something a bit higher level in terms of character power. Since people have also mentioned using the E6 idea for 8th (E8) and 12th levels (E12) I was wondering if...
  8. Silvercat Moonpaw

    FATE 3.0 beyond pulp

    I'm thinking the FATE 3.0 system would be good for something I want to do, but I'm not sure whether Spirit of the Century with some house rules will be all I need. I want to be able to do something with futuristic technology and a few special powers. I've read reviews about two FATE products...
  9. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Chronicles setting: what does it offer?

    I've read reviews of the Pathfinder setting, but they don't mention much to distinguish it from a whole lot of other standard D&D-style settings. Other than being well-written, richly detailed, having few game mechanics in the book, having no high-level NPCs, a variety of places and cultures to...
  10. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What was the difference between the 3s? Forked Thread: Anyone still using 3.0?

    Forked from: Anyone still using 3.0? There are people who make comments like this about how they like some things in 3.0 better than 3.5, but other than the conversion document on the WotC site and the three 3.0 books I own (neither core) I don't have any sources on the difference. I can't...
  11. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What makes a setting dull?

    I'm on a personal mission to find game settings that are dull, unexciting, lacking in the sort of starter sparks that GMs go on about needing. Not for any real intended use, just because I've gotten curious over the years of reading setting descriptions that make all of them sound like you can...
  12. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What's so special about Forgotten Realms?

    Since the question has been asked and answered about Greyhawk I decided I wanted to find out about D&D's other really big setting. What makes Forgotten Realms unique? And most especially for my benefit: What type of person would most enjoy Forgotten Realms?
  13. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Beta updates

    Some people have mentioned that there have been updates to various parts of the Pathfinder Beta (I once saw the one on barbarian rage). Does anyone have links to those updates?
  14. Silvercat Moonpaw

    If it's not real then why call for "realism"?

    Forked from: DMs: what have you learned from PLAYING that has made you a better DM? I'm posing the above question to everyone who cares to read. It's just something that I don't get when I read about "realism" OR "versimilitude": Why do you expect things to act like reality, or act...
  15. Silvercat Moonpaw

    The other side of the coin

    Forked from: Whats the deal with rogues anyway? I read that blog post and the comments, and this is what I thought: "I'd never manage in that sort of game: my patience with thinking through the situation would quickly run out and I'd have to fall back on rules which, according to the quoted...
  16. Silvercat Moonpaw

    What do you do without balance?

    I'm very curious: in various discussions about editions of D&D and discrepancies between spellcasters and non-spellcasters there are people who wish there wasn't so much focus on balancing things. So that leads me to the following question: How much balance would you be willing to forgo before...
  17. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Good, Simple System for Kung-Fu.

    Can anyone recommend a simple system—that also works—for high-flying martial arts action?
  18. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Published Warm Settings.

    I've been having a bit of a warm kick lately regarding the climate of my RPG settings, and so I'm looking for any good ones that have a lack of cold climes. Preferably the kind with a lot of civilization in them, more Arabian and South Asian than African or Aztec.
  19. Silvercat Moonpaw

    How does a game work without skills?

    Somethings been bugging me recently about what people say about editions like 1e: If you don't have skills how do you adjudicate non-combat situations? In particular I don't understand how things such as sensing (Sense Motive, Spot, Listen), any sort of movement that has a consequence for...
  20. Silvercat Moonpaw

    Campaign Settings——What do you really like (or possibly want) to see?

    Campaign Settings——What do you really like (or possibly want) to see? [I was certain that I saw a thread on this some time after the Pet Peeves one, but I can't find it.] To start off with, these: However I have to modify Urban Settings by stating it as Settled Settings, the difference being...