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  1. JeffB

    D&D General Background Vs. Backstory

    So in another thread- the issue of players and large amounts of PC backstory came up. I'm not a fan- for a few reasons. 1) I find most of it "dead weight" (as another poster put it). The player gets very involved in this backstory, but it involves all sorts of fictional elements that...
  2. JeffB

    D&D 5E D&D BEYOND- Can you just purchase "crunch" from a book?

    So the more I listen/watch interviews, check out the art, etc- the more I know this new CR setting is totally not my bag. I'm Wilderlands, not Wildemount. Anyhoo- I DO like what I am hearing about these new magic systems (especially after Crawford's interview)- Does D&D Beyond carve that out so...
  3. JeffB

    D&D General GREYHAWK FANS-The Battle of Emridy Meadows

    Pure awesome- Chainmail-Battle of Emridy Meadows A sample-Tons of awesome pics at the link above
  4. JeffB

    Pathfinder 2E PF 2 Demo- Curiosity wins out

    So I broke out my old PFB1 pawns, an old map from 4E and ran a few combats with the sample characters/adventure that Paizo offers HERE. Utilizing the Ogre encounter (only) I'm well aware it's not like running a full game session or three, but I ran it tactically sound for the most part and...
  5. JeffB

    D&D General Top FIVE Monster books

    Saw someone on MEWE put up a question about what are people's top 5 monster books (any system) and why. I'll list my top 4- Those were easy picks, I'm still having a hard time deciding on # 5- once I do I'll circle back and throw out some details. EDITED- No particular order. Still unsure of...
  6. JeffB

    D&D General The Official Laugh at your Players thread

    In the spirt of the other thread....What are some stupid things they have done? I was running a game a few years back for my "kids" group (then teens of driving age- and had been playing for 5-6 years together). My son was having a horrible streak of d20 luck. His character was missing right...
  7. JeffB

    Pathfinder 2E What do you steal from PF2 for your PF1 games?

    So for those who maybe don't want to switch to PF2 or didn't like it, etc. What things from PF2 do you consider improvements that you would swipe for your PF1 games?
  8. JeffB

    D&D General What if Hit Points were the currency of the game rules?

    A few months ago, I came across a Dungeon World hack that was designed for Kids and people new to RPGs The "Dungeons RPG" free download can be found HERE . It has proven itself in providing a non intimidating RPG experience for my wife and young daughter where other games such as very basic...
  9. JeffB

    Pathfinder 2E What's the deal with 3rd party PF2E Adventure "support"??

    So I went over on Paizo.com to see what they had for a decent small-ish PF2 adventure to give the game a playtest over the holidays. In the "old days" of PF1E over on Paizo's store page - there were hundreds of third party adventures for sale. I bought a bunch. Now for PF2E I see nothing but...
  10. JeffB

    OSR Newsworthy(?) I think so. Wee Warriors is back!

  11. JeffB

    D&D 5E What would be your Greyhawk "Adventure Path"?

    Not for publication by WOTC- but rather, which published Classic TSR Greyhawk adventures/modules would you use to do a "path" from levels 1-15 or so for a 5E campaign?
  12. JeffB

    D&D 5E Troll Lord Games 5e adventures

    Trolls are having a bundle sale on 5e mods and a splat. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/221504/5e--BUNDLE?src=sub I can highly recommend the adventures, I have and have used the majority of them in their original C&C versions. They are small-ish sandboxes with side...
  13. JeffB

    Starfinder And we have a Starfinder SRD site up

    Not the official one (that is due in the Fall according to Paizo). But a serviceable one from the same fellow who does all the other great SRD sites like 5e, PF, 13A,S&W, DW, yadda yadda yadda... http://www.starfindersrd.com
  14. JeffB

    Pathfinder 1E Announced at GenCon...Return of the Runelords

    New AP. Saw someone from Paizo tweeting about it. Any "official" scoop yet?
  15. JeffB

    Awesome interview with Jay Little (designer FFG SW, Modiphius 2d20, WH3e)

    Great interview with Jay about his narrative dice mechanic games like 2d20, FFG StarWars and WH3e, game design, play advice, etc. No youtube tags on the forum software to embed the video? https://youtu.be/yAFYrKOcjN8
  16. JeffB

    Dawn of Rebellion coming for FFG Star Wars

    This is awesome. I love the show. Edit- has stuff from Rogue One as well. Dawn of Rebellion/
  17. JeffB

    D&D 5E Marilith- Opinions on Teleporting....

    with a grappled character?...5E just says she can teleport with equipment/stuff carried. No other mention. I'm fine with making a ruling, but wondering what others think. I'm leaning towards "yes" for my ruling. She's an iconic bad ass demon-lady with 20 feet of tail. Whats a couple hundred...
  18. JeffB

    D&D 5E Anyone used the chase rules in the DMG yet?

    They look pretty straightforward, but wondering about experiences/pitfalls(npi)/things to be aware of that may not seem obvious to my addled mind.
  19. JeffB

    D&D 5E HELP- High level Campaign ending somewhat epic adventure needed!

    Sadly, my Son and all his friends go off to College at the end of summer and our gaming will be ending. Likely, permanently. :wahhh: We have been playing FFG SW lately, and having a blast, but the Kids want to end their long running D&D character's careers with an epic adventure of sorts...