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    Creating Factions: Large or Small?

    So I've started looking into making factions for my Greyhawk campaign, and I'm not sure if they really need to be multi-national, as the ones listed for the Forgotten Realms. It seems that national or even local factions are much more likely to have an impact in the average game. For example...
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    Alternate Resting option

    Overall I find the standard resting rules to work perfectly fine, but sometimes I want to run something a bit grittier. However, the slow healing option from the DMG is too much in that directions, limiting the amount of combat possible for most adventures. Seeking out a middle ground, I thought...
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    D&D 5E 2.5 ft grid spaces - crazy idea?

    Preface: this is an idea for playing on Roll20, where the mapping and miniatures are easily adjusted in size. So, I was thinking the other day about a dungeon adventure, and I needed to put a door on a map in such a way that it didn't line up with the grid. I was considering the ramifications...
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    New Issue of Dragon+

    Issue 4 of DRAGON+ is here! DRAGON+is an app from WotC available on iOS and Android devices (find it in the respective app stores). This issue contains Duergar information from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, a free Adventurer's League module, and more - plus tons of information on the...