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    D&D 5E Beadle & Grimm's Platinum and Silver Editions of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

    With those exorbitant prices on any B&G product... hard pass for me
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    B&G's Silver Edition of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden - A Review

    Chill out dude, as you said, "peacocking" just means "show off," no no need to get offended by it, unless... you're just the type of person waiting to be offended...
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    B&G's Silver Edition of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden - A Review

    As a former D&D collector, this sort of price gouging is what made me stop collecting everything and anything D&D. On the bright side, it opened my eyes to just go for the essentials and stop obsessing over D&D memorabilia, but I can't help but feel WotC no longer caters for the original fan...
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    D&D 5E There's a Platinum Edition of the Icewind Dale Adventure!

    I stopped being a D&D collector the moment I saw the first Beedle & Grimm's product. I know what some of you are going to say "You don't need all the products to enjoy the game" and that's absolutely right, I both enjoy the game and used to like to collect everything and anything D&D related...
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    D&D General Alignment in D&D

    The Alignment grid fascinates me, but I feel it's too 2-Dimensional due to intelligence not being factored in, but then again, it's not supposed to be, not until you make a character to give it it's main personality that is... take e.g. Beasts are always neutral, because their int is always 3 or...
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    WotC Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Video Game Announcement Trailer

    Wow, mad respect for apologizing (rare in these days) and taking action (by spoiler tagging). Thanks for marking it spoiler and no apologies really needed. It's indeed old-ish, though I still see a few new to D&D youngsters getting excited about getting to read the IWD trilogy for the first time =)
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    WotC Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Video Game Announcement Trailer

    I sure as heck hope those developers see comments like this... Bruenor looks too stubby cartoonish, Wulfgar certainly looks different from all the art I've ever seen, and Drizzt? ugh... I dont' mind cartoonish, just not cartoonish-dumb. Its like Sonic the Hedgehog movie all over...
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    WotC Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Video Game Announcement Trailer

    EDIT: Removing due to pointing to spoiler (per my comment here... now that comment has properly been formatted as spoiler)
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    The Fumble: World's Most Popular Tabletop RPG Offers Exciting New Player Freedom

    hahaha! hilarious! Loved the B&G and "Lollard" references...
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    B&G's Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh

    I couldn't agree more, as a D&D collector these sort of things disappoint me from WotC, first with the alternate covers, then with the licensed stuff from han cholo, wyrmwood, the $400+ dragon/mindflayer head trophies... the "premium" and regular D&D boardgames... for me B&G was the last straw...
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    Celebrate the Holidays with D&D in Winter's Splendor

    Or you can get it for free from latest Dragon+ issue =)
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    Add A Colossal $250 Sailing Ship To Your D&D Minis Collection!

    While I like this Etsy ship, I still find it pricey, for it being just wood and plastic (and being a woodworker I can tell you that's not difficult to do) I would've expected it to be more closer to the $30 dollar range, not 135! I would rather invest in the Wizkids ship givne it's got way more...
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    Preview of Halflings And Gnomes From Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Surface Online

    Yup! and those tiny feet, I like the Tolkieneske Halfling better... with big hairy feet as opposed to those thumbs for feet...
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    Blowing it All Up and Starting Over

    3e was not exactly w/out incident: You forgot to mention how 3e got rid of infrared vision, something repeatedly mentioned when Drow were involved (Dark Elf Trilogy, e.g.) which no longer happens in 3e, and they silently changed in 3e as if darkvision had always been that way, it always bothered...