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  1. HawaiiSteveO

    Curse of Strahd - the remix (feedback)

    These sorts of threads tend to flop, but thought I'd give it a try and get some ideas. I'm running CoS for the second time around, and was started to get jaded with it. It seemed odd to me that Strahd would just sit around and let adventurers wander across his land, collecting items and getting...
  2. HawaiiSteveO

    5E Vorpal weapon

    "The creature dies if it can't survive without the lost head." So, not unconscious & making death saves, but DEAD? That's the way I read it, and makes sense considering what just happened. A headless PC / NPC / monster can't be unconscious. This would be a case of specific beating general...
  3. HawaiiSteveO

    The Haunting of Hill House

    Up to episode 7, first off great show, very well done and terrific cast. Some great stuff to mine for horror / suspense games for sure. Few random thoughts: - ghost moments starting to wear off - what do they want? Just scare / kill people? Why? What's in it for them? - why do people always...
  4. HawaiiSteveO

    Cubicle 7 - where did they go..?

    Oct 8 last activity on website, Sep 5 on twitter :confused: I was digging through my Adventures in Middle Earth stuff and wanted to see how Moria was coming along.
  5. HawaiiSteveO

    New Design Contest: Summon the Terror of Undermountain!

  6. HawaiiSteveO

    Adventurers League pricing 😡

    I’m a recent Eberron convert, and was pumped to see there is a 11 part series coming out. Problem is, it’s expensive! Murder in Skyway out today on Dmsguild $5 US (6.50 Canadian)! 11 adventures planned in series, assuming all around same length and cost will cost roughly TWICE buying WOTC...
  7. HawaiiSteveO

    War forged AC again! Using as is but bad guys need some help!

    OK lots of virtual ink spilled on this, numbers crunched etc still not convinced. Great PC I really like in my party, although juggernaut forge domain cleric AC 20 (+2 for shield) and goes up to AC 22 with Shield of Faith, all this at 3rd level. Putting debate to the side and for now playing...
  8. HawaiiSteveO

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and the old splintering the fan base chestnut...

    If I understand it correctly, the new book is 1/2 sourcebook on Waterdeep and 1/2 city adventure for levels 1-5. Wanting to know what all the fuss was about, I picked up the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron on DDB and totally dig it! My new campaign is going to be set in Khorvaire. Obvious...
  9. HawaiiSteveO

    Anyone else pick up / playing Delta Green?

    Man this is a fantastic game! Played the original back in the day, really dig the new edition and can't wait to spring it on my players. Closing in on the end of Tomb of Annihilation, like to take a break from the hack & slash every year and play some different games. Last year it was...
  10. HawaiiSteveO

    Help me remember fantasy book series! Driving me bonkers.

    Here's what I remember. - pretty sure author was British from style / word choices etc - it was fantasy, lots of action - really tongue in cheek humor, characters were not that clever and were always getting in trouble for making really bad choices. One was pretending to be a woman? Two...
  11. HawaiiSteveO

    Going to Las Vegas - what's the best game store to check out?

    Setting the bar pretty high, live in Calgary home of the renowned Sentry Box!
  12. HawaiiSteveO

    Looking for a 5E city campaign setting - suggestions?

    Really into idea of next campaign being city based. Don't have time to build it all from scratch, looking for some stuff to get me started.
  13. HawaiiSteveO

    5E Trying to make player's Warlock Patron more interesting (hexblade)

    Clerics / Paladins generally default to the 'pray & get your spells' type deal for me. Hexblade PC is different case, he carries his patron around with him!? I'd really like to flesh it out as a full NPC, but don't want to be constantly passing notes, texting to player, etc. Not even sure how...
  14. HawaiiSteveO

    Cultural appropriation in gaming

    Watching Longmire gave me an interesting idea for an NPC cleric / druid type who would be based on a First Nations type template. I did a little digging, and made special mention of his spellcasting involving components like smoke, smudging the rest of the group for bless spell, etc. All in all...
  15. HawaiiSteveO

    Setting up a no-frills VTT (for home games) for the non tech-savvy

    I don't need / want linked rules, tokens, adventures, monster stats, etc. All I want to do is stop using dry erase markers on a flip mat and having everything look terrible! Would use minis, pawns etc as normal on nicer looking map. Old school idea is to have overhead projector pointed at...
  16. HawaiiSteveO

    5E Tomb of Annihilation - how's it going so far?! **spoilers**

    First off, don't want to start whole sandbox / railroad discussion, really want to get into using book. I've had time to skim & consider ToA, and I think it's top notch. The book is chock full of fantastic stuff, and I can't wait to get rolling with it. The content is pretty overwhelming, and...
  17. HawaiiSteveO

    Gamers Wanted! Calgary SE D&D 5E group looking for 1-2 new committed players

    Fun, casual group looking to add some new faces due to some recent turnovers. When - Sunday afternoons, 4-8 pm in SE Calgary, Mckenzie Lake area just off 130th Ave. We try and play weekly, although occasionally take long weekends off for family commitments. Ideal player(s) would be committed...
  18. HawaiiSteveO

    5E Action Surge

    Action SurgeStarting at 2nd level, you can push yourself beyond your normal limits for a moment. On your turn, you can take one additional action on top of your regular action and a possible bonus action. Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest before you can use it...
  19. HawaiiSteveO

    Using flip mats , prepared battle mats etc

    How do you folks use these ? Seems overly fussy and time wasty to always be fussing with removing slips of paper to show more of the map as the group explores. Also seems kind of off to just plop mat on the table so group can see everything (post it notes over secret doors :uhoh: and so on)...
  20. HawaiiSteveO

    group age range (how low can you go)??

    Our appx. group age is mid to late 30's (some older) -had a new player join us, turns out he's 14! From first session seems like a nice young man and had fun, but situation bothers me. Our games are really casual and fun, and we don't have any particular adult storylines and so on. Still, he's...