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  1. doghead

    OSR [PbtA] Ironsworn PbP - Interest Check

    I think so. I like the fact that it is classless. That said, based on just the 45 basic assets, there are 14,000+ combinations. Even if 90% are suboptimal, that still leaves 1400 variations. But the real appeal is the way the game engine is designed drive the narrative progression. I am going...
  2. doghead

    OSR [PbtA] Ironsworn PbP - Interest Check

    GAME PLAY SHEET The rightful heir to the House Chikuzen has been overthrown. In a short but bloody fighting withdrawal between those loyal to their old lord, and those who have sided with his ambitious uncle, the wife and eldest son are spirited away by boat to the safety of her father's...
  3. doghead

    OSR [PbtA] Ironsworn PbP - Interest Check

    Name: Shi Background: Once a Samurai of the House Chikuzen, now a masterless ronin. Stats Edge 2 Heart 3 Iron 2 Shadow 1 Wits 1 Health * 3 [-2] Spirit * 3 [-2] Supply * 1 [5-1-1-1-1] Momentum Current 2 [+2+2Burn(2)+1+1+1Burn(2)] Max 10 Rest 2 Vows Background: Restore the rightful...
  4. doghead

    OSR [PbtA] Ironsworn PbP - Interest Check

    So, some looks. No real interest. I did have a run at the system in solo mode. I went with the Kore: Kingdom of Harmony option to see how the game re-skins. I thought it worked quite well. For those who might be curious I will post the character and game run sheet below. thotd
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    OSR [PbtA] Ironsworn PbP - Interest Check

    It has been a while. Quite a while. But recently I have found myself circling around the idea of starting another game. It would go a little like this ... The System Ironsworn is a rules lite, low magic fantasy Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA)[1] game. Very rules lite. And very...
  6. doghead

    Seeking Input on a Large Encounter Management Plan

    Spoiler Warning: If you are one of my players, you will get to see this eventually. However, if you choose to read it now, it will give you a fair idea as to what is coming down the path. Its up to you. * * * * I am running a Dungeon World game in which the characters are going to have...
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    DW IC [Dungeon World] The Seven Reaches

    Day Six. Late in the Afternoon. Halfpoint. The day is approaching its conclusion, the setting of the sun hastened by the hills that have slowly risen up around you as you head towards the town of Halfpoint. The way clear enough marked as it is into the earth by the generations that have made...
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    DW RG [Dungeon World] The Seven Reaches

    This is the Rogues Gallery for The Seven Reaches - a Dungeon World game. The Lost Seven Rangers of Wintercliff Arafeliana Kezikani Amandine - played by Shayuri Half-Jack & Rat - played by GlassEye Ilrec Thessalon - played by Insight Throk the Mighty - played by Trogdor1992 Warris Ironfoot...
  9. doghead

    DW OOC [Dungeon World] The Seven Reaches

    Looks like we might be re-booting. Sound off if you are still game. For a game. (see what I did there?) thotd
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    EN World Temporary Interruption of Services

    I'm dropping off the grid for a couple of weeks. The usual stuff, nothing exciting. But rather than this drip feed posting I have been managing recently, I am just going to cut it away for a bit. Hopefully not more than a couple of weeks. I will let you know if that changes. To my GMs (Isida...
  11. doghead

    Deconstructing the Construct

    Is there any way of filtering Messageboard Golum threads? I have become a bit of a fan of the All Discussion forum. Most of my time is taken up running my PbP games or updating PbP games I am in. However, when I get a moment to spare, or am busy procrastinating, I like to check into the All...
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    5E Movie and TV show inspiration for 5E games

    I watched the movie Snow White and the Huntsman recently. I am sure that I have seen it before (parts of it seemed familiar) but I didn't really remember it. While parts of it were a little heavy handed (the entry into Sanctuary and the coronation off the top of my head) overall I thought that...
  13. doghead

    Associated Wiki pages for Groups not working

    I have three groups and the associated wiki function is working for none of them. Two of the groups have what appears to be an associated wiki (its there on the group page), but it cannot be edited (you don't have permission to access this page), nor can new pages be created (it allows you to...
  14. doghead

    IC - Mad King's Monkey II

    Day Five - Early Morning, somewhere in the City Jan is able to obtain a scruffy old non-descript cloak from one (rather pleased) stranger for a mere half dozen silver pieces and his own, much finer cloak. Diplomacy roll made. Epic fail :devil: The trail of stars (starting at the smokey...
  15. doghead

    E.N. World Wiki: Questions and bug reports!

    I found this at the bottom of some page while looking for some guidance on use of the wiki. (it wasn't much help. In fact, it was almost unreadable). I noticed later, however, that it is not at the bottom of all (or even most) Enworld pages. In fact, the You do not have permission to access...
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    E.N. World Wiki: Questions and bug reports!

    In the last 3 months I have created more two campaign groups - AE Revision created about 3 months ago and Dungeon World - From the Outside created tonight. The AE Group has an associated Pages in Group element with an Add Content Button. But it doesn't actually allow me to create pages however...
  17. doghead

    DW IC [DW] From the Outside

    There is no doubt that you would have died beneath the flashing knives, long spears and bloody axes of the men of Earl Tahnurson had it not been for the intervention of the Witching Troll. The last remnants of Earl Eogan's party, you escaped the slaughter of that night only to find yourself...
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    DW RG [DW] From the Outside

    As requested. One character per post I think. thotd
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    Doghead is Moving

    *sigh* Moving tomorrow and everything is in something of a state of chaos. Took me half an hour to find my computer. Don't think I am going to get much time to check in over the next few days. Hopefully things will have settled down in a few days. I might even have my internet connection back...
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    DW OOC - From the Outside

    I have just bought a copy of Dungeon World and after an initial read find myself wanting to see it run. I am thinking 4-5 characters, first level, fantasy setting - something pretty generic. Enworld's To Slay a Dragon is one option. There are also several DW adventures available which are...