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    Proposal: The Half-Orcs of Venza

    Here is a proposal for a history of the half-orc population in Venza. It's not necessary for any existing plotline, just some local color. ___ The Half-Orcs of Venza Humans and Halflings were not the only beings who sought refuge during the Years of Darkness. Tribes of orcs were driven from...
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    Home Thread Updates

    We talked about putting the home threads in the old social group. DC has already put one in, and I just started one. I thought it would be nice to put in a thread reporting updates here. I've posted a thread for Iago, which includes a short vignette. It's here: Iago's home thread
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    Proposal: The Order of Kamara

    This proposal describes the Order to which Larissa Kondred (new PC) belongs. The Order of Kamara Legend says that, at the age of 60, Lady Kamara was left in charge of her keep while her husband was called to war. A group of brigands entered the keep in disguise as wounded Rornish soldiers...
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    Proposal: Some Sword Saints

    So far as I have seen, there is not much detail available on the Sword Saints. The proposal below attempts to flesh them out a bit, and includes a description of the temple of the Sword Saints in Venza. The Sword Saints: There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of figures worshipped as Sword Saints...
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    Proposal: Swift Alchemy

    Hi All -- As I mentioned in the General Discussion thread, I think we should consider modifying the Alchemist's Swift Alchemy class ability to make it more useful in LPF. Here is the official version: Swift Alchemy (Official): At 3rd level, an alchemist can create alchemical items with...