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  1. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Twilight Cleric - temp hp question

    I know that temp hit points don't stack, but I'm not clear on this: There's a fighter standing in the divine aura of a Twilight Cleric. This round he gains (say) 10 temporary hit points. On the ogre's turn, he hits the fighter for 17 HP, using up the fighter's temp hp and giving him 7 damage...
  2. Savage Wombat

    Making a good fight out of bad spells

    I read the "flesh to stone" discussion below, and it got me to wonder: Couldn't you make a really fun encounter for your players out of a high-level wizard (or spellcasting creature) with a poor spell selection? He's much higher level than the party, but his effective CR is lowered to the...
  3. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Non-Combat Magic Items

    Inspired by another thread: What are your favorite magic items (published or home-brewed) for giving non-casters more options outside of the combat pillar? Items that let the fighter say "Instead of just charging in, what if I used my XXXX and solve the problem that way?"
  4. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E The New Campaign

    So our group is starting a new campaign, and for the first time in ages I'm not the DM. Yay! The campaign premise was that we were basically adventurer-athletes, competing in dungeons for contracts, exposure, and the glory of the Emperor. We just completed our second dungeon and made 3rd...
  5. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd - Plot Help Request (spoilers galore!)

    So my PCs have gotten themselves smacked around in the Amber Temple sufficiently and are now ready for the Castle. HOWEVER - One of my party NPCs (an Eldritch Knight named Cyn), who I wrote up deliberately as the kind of person that is tempted by dark power, has gotten into the Amber...
  6. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd - Vallaki (spoilers possible)

    My players, whom I love dearly, are not the most explorative bunch. I am concerned that Vallaki is going to be largely overlooked if they don't start poking around. Anyone have suggestions on how to turn the adventure seeds in the area into a narrative? I want to use as much of this content as...
  7. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Wednesday's Long-Lost Uncle Strahd

    Everyone thinks they know what to expect from a Ravenloft adventure... What could you do to make Castle Ravenloft more like the Addams' Family?
  8. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Princes of the Apocalypse as source material

    I liked the looks of PotA as an adventure, and I'd probably buy it IF I were going to run it. But I'm not, at least right now. And since these APs are supposed to be game support as well as campaigns ... Would you (or have you already) purchase Princes of the Apocalypse if you have no...
  9. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Potent Cantrip replacement

    My group's evoker wizard just hit 6th level. And I remember that we all agreed that Potent Cantrip was, shall we say, poorly designed. Has anyone come up with a decent suggestion for a replacement power?
  10. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Protecting Spellbooks

    I'm placing a wizard's spellbook in my dungeon, and just noticed that there don't seem to be trap spells any more. Explosive Runes, which has been moved under Glyph of Warding, specifically can't be placed on objects designed to be moved. Even Arcane Lock seems to make using it on a book...
  11. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Passive Investigation?

    I've got a player taking the Observant feat. One of the lines is: "You have a +5 bonus to your passive Wisdom (Perception) and passive Intelligence (Investigation) scores." Now, passive Perception gets mentioned all over the place, but passive Investigation? Is this just for when the DM has a...
  12. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Preview: Manticore

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/137416-D-D-5th-Edition-Monster-Manual-Manticore-Revealed I don't see anyone else bringing this up...
  13. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Cleric-dependant parties

    I'm looking for opinions from actual play here - How well does it look like a party can do without a cleric in 5th ed? Is the druid/bard/paladin an adequate substitute? Can you get by with no healing except hit dice and healing potions?
  14. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Sorcerer-only spells

    From the sounds of things, there aren't going to be a lot of spells in the PH specifically for sorcerers only. I was hoping for otherwise. However, I myself can't come up with a lot of examples of spells that clearly should be restricted to sorcerers - or even spells that are designed for...
  15. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Potions

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but maybe not: In a game where the spellcasters can only maintain one buff on someone at a time, doesn't the value of potions go up considerably? If the fighter doesn't have to choose between haste and stoneskin, but can now opt for both, he's going to...
  16. Savage Wombat

    Word Crimes

    Proposal: "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "Word Crimes" is actually a vast improvement over the source ("Blurred Lines") in that you can enjoy the music without listening to Robin Thicke's lyrics. Yea or Nay?
  17. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Revisiting Mearls and Co

    A comment in another thread sparked this question: Of the many columns about D&DNext published in the last couple of years, which one(s) would you like Mearls (or other) to revisit? Did the final product actually include what he was working on? How did this vague allusion actually manifest in...
  18. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Inspiration - Stealing from other games

    I like the idea of Inspiration points, but it's sufficiently loose that it makes my power-gamer side twitchy. As if there are "better" and "worse" role-playing traits to take, that are more or less likely to come up or earn points. I know that other game systems have worked with a story-driven...
  19. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Weak Saving Throws

    Question - read the playtest docs but not played. Saving Throws or whatever they're called now: To resist, say, petrification you make a CON check modified by your proficiency bonus. Correct? If so - the wizard with the 10 Con is never going to get better at resisting petrification, 1st level...
  20. Savage Wombat

    D&D 5E Variation on Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic

    If you had a feat that let you, say, do extra damage on a hit IF you have advantage, and the lower of the two dice would be enough to succeed - how much of a limitation on the feat would that be? Enough to be worthwhile design space to explore? It would have to be after the roll, because...