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    D&D 5E Reducing 5e XP after 10th level

    My latest 5e campaign (set in Damara/Blodstone Lands, 1359 DR) is a multi-group sandbox game which started in August 2020. I use standard 5e XP with a lot of lower CR monsters, which gives a rather sedate advancement rate. Currently PCs are in the 3rd-6th range (I currently start new PCs at...
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    Players establishing facts about the world impromptu during play

    at 20:44 - what do you think of players establishing facts about the world impromptu (spontaneously, not pre-approved) during play? Players, do you feel happy & confident doing this? GMs, do you enjoy this or dislike it? As a GM I love it when players do it well, and dread it when players do it...
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    D&D 5E Perma Death in 5e?

    What do you think are some of the best ways under 5e rules for an evil level 20 Wizard (who might be called Runelord Karzoug) with near-unlimited resources to ensure the permanent demise of slain & Disintegrated level 20 PCs (whose surviving comrades also have access to level 9 magic, including...
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    Lowkey on leaving ENW

    He’s left, and demanded that we delete all of his posts (which we did). He doesn’t get to post by proxy, and we’re not going to sit around talking about somebody who’s not here and can’t reply. Link removed. - Morrus
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    D&D General Law News - Dungeons are similar to Dungeons & Dragons

    Says the EU General Court - General Court says that relevant public’s attention is ‘average at best’ when assessing likelihood of confusion relating to games and computer games (so that DUNGEONS is confusingly similar to DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS) General Court says that relevant public’s attention...
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    D&D 5E Underpowered INT solution - Bonus Skill Proficiencies for high INT

    Forked from the CHA thread, a bit of early morning design work. Thoughts? Polite, respectful & friendly criticism? :D Bonus Skill Proficiencies for high INT A PC may begin play with a number of additional skill proficiencies from their class skill list equal to their INT bonus. ie 12-13 = +1...
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    D&D 5E Essentials Kit D&D Beyond Adventures?

    So my Kit arrived this morning on the second delivery attempt, and after downloading an app to read the bar code thingy, and creating an account, I got onto D&D Beyond. Only to discover that the promised extra adventures don't seem to be downloadable? Is this right - adventures on D&D Beyond...
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    D&D 5E 5e recommended 2.5 sessions/level rate

    What do you think of the 5e DMG's recommended 2.5 sessions/level rate? How do you think it compares to using the XP system, which seems designed to keep PCs in the level 5-10 range as long as possible? After several campaigns using XP RAW, for my Thule game I've been using a modified system...
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    YouGov D&D Alignment Survey - how many Britons identify as Chaotic Evil?

    This is incredible! https://yougov.co.uk/topics/lifestyle/articles-reports/2018/09/21/dungeons-and-dragons-one-three-britons-are-neutral Eg on public figures: Among the Lawful Good group the public figure they like most compared to other groups is Theresa May. By contrast, the public figure...
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    Starfinder Starfinder Beginner Box - House Rules! E4, Chargen, Combat

    So my SFBB arrived this morning, and while it looks fantastic, naturally I'm already set to tweaking it. These modifications are the fruit of a lot of play in other d20 based systems though, so I have a fair idea now what works. Simon's Starfinder Beginner Box House Rules Epic-4 Rules module...
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    5e Capping AC and to hit

    After a few years running 5e at high level I think AC needs to be capped at 30, equivalent to -10 which was an official cap in some pre-3e editions. Looking at to-hit, a cap is less vital but I have decided to cap at +20 so that AC 30 is always a good defence. It is a lot easier to get AC into...
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    5e Are Ioun stones supposed to need attunement?

    DMG does not mention attunement but SRD says Attunement. Which is officially true?
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    (5e) Should Rogues be able to sneak attack with all light weapons?

    Would it do any harm to let a Rogue sneak attack with a club (d4, light, bludgeoning)? Coshing the victim seems appropriately thematic! How about hand axes? Are there any balance issues?
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    If an NPC is telling the truth, what's the Insight DC to know they're telling the truth?

    I've been setting it as their 'Passive Deception' DC. What do you do?
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    Homebrew Ranger Fighting Style - Favoured Foe

    5e Rangers are often seen as weak. They do get Fighting Styles at level 2, which gives some potential design space for a boost. I came up with the following: Ranger Fighting Style - Favoured Foe: Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one Favoured Enemy you hit with a melee weapon...
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    Some combat house rules to peruse or ignore

    The idea of all these is to work off the existing system to give some additional options, and a nod to versimilitude, without affecting regular gameplay. I'm pretty confident of all of them except maybe the Grappled Casting rule, which is designed more for lower-magic settings. Campaign House...
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    Good high level (10+) swords and sorcery themed adventures?

    Looking for content for my Primeval Thule campaigns, I have all the published adventures, they top out at 10th-12th level. Do you know of any good adventures of that level and above with a sword and sorcery theme?
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    Need for a Home Base

    Just musing to myself this morning that all my successful long term campaigns have had the following format: 1. PCs start out in a safe and relatively familiar location, eg "You all meet at the Inn"; though it can be a castle or Pathfinder lodge, etc. 2. PCs hear the "call to adventure" -...
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    Playing at Level 20?

    Has anyone here played extensively with the PCs at maximum level? What was it like?
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    Do you let Eldritch Knight or Clerics cast while using a (real) shield?

    There was an Eldritch Knight IMC who used sword & shield. I would let him cast 'Shield' as a reaction. Pretty sure that's not RAW - but per RAW he could just have dropped the weapon then resummoned it, so it was more that the visuals looked better than any mechanical advantage. In general, I...