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  1. dragoner

    New Traveller Fax Edition!

    Got this in the mail this morning, it is the Classic Little Black Books, '81 ed. w/errata. Gateway to a thousand adventures, now just to crank up some new retro wave, and read. Oops, forgot link: Classic Traveller Facsimile Edition - Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) | Traveller 4 (T4) | Classic...
  2. dragoner

    Release Solis People of the Sun

    Wild One: Solis People of the Sun, a new near future setting for Cepheus Engine or generic: Solis People of the Sun - Wild Bee Publishing | DriveThruRPG.com
  3. dragoner

    D&D General Ten Cepheus Engine Characters

    All rolled by hand, some have a little back story started through events, some are more NPC-ish than others. Five would be good crew for a Scout Rocket I'm designing for an adventure. I wonder as this is my first post in here, is SF for Science Fiction, or Star Finder?
  4. dragoner

    Flowchart of Games

    Swiped from a FB RPG group:
  5. dragoner

    3 Favorite Things About Your Favorite System

    Just to throw some positive vibes back into the forum. Tell us the 3 favorite things about your favorite system, just what you like. I'll start: I just finished an M-Space game recently, a great system for Mythras/d100 based sci-fi. Nevertheless, I have returned to Classic Traveller, inspired...
  6. dragoner

    Starter Traveller (Classic circa 1980's) is free at DTRPG

    Classic "Starter Traveller" is currently free at DriveThruRPG. This is an introductory version of the original "die in chargen" Traveller. Tech is as noted "1970's" style -- creator Marc Miller mentioned in conversation that imagining future technology was one of the harder things to do...