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  1. The Green Adam

    Searching for Deeds Not Words

    I seem to only want to find games when there is no way in heck I'm going to be able to get them. I'm sure I don't have a snowball's chance in a furnace of finding this but here goes nothing... I want to get a copy of the PDF of Deeds Not Words, a Superhero D20 Game from around 2002 by Scott...
  2. The Green Adam

    A rant on retro clones...

    I'll agree with the original poster's observation, see your annoyance and raise you one. So, essentially, all the originals and the retro-clones are variations of the same game. With a few tweaks here and some minor adjustments there, these are all some version of pre-2nd Edition AD&D or D&D...
  3. The Green Adam

    Best RPG buys of 2010?

    Not much. 2010 was a pretty light purchasing year for me for games, partially due to low funds and partially because I just didn't find a lot I needed. It may have been my lightest year ever. That said, my best buys were: DC Adventures RPG by Green Ronin Fiasco By Jason Morningstar Monsters...
  4. The Green Adam

    What to look for in 2011?

    Stuff You've Never Heard Of Seriously. Based on the entries so far the stuff I'm looking forward to is way off the radar. I mostly buy only indie games these days. That said, the only mainstream game I can hardly wait for is M&M 3E, its supplements and related DC Adventures stuff. Someone...
  5. The Green Adam

    Mutants & Masterminds 3 preview art

    Bleh! I love M&M but these characters are so visually uninteresting. I'm reminded of the various incarnations of the Champions teams in the RPG of the same name. Ultramarine is Defender. Mongrel is Jaguar. Rocky is Obsidian (actually Obsidian would be Rocky crossed with Xeno I suppose)...
  6. The Green Adam

    Looking for a new game

    Psst...I've got a secret...come over here. (Looks left, than right) OK, the coast is clear... There are thousands and thousands of role playing games. Many are free. Sorry to sound like a jerk but seriously, I don't understand why people even play D&D. It's like there is a drug on the...
  7. The Green Adam

    How many RPGs do you play?

    Oh my gosh...I just mentioned what I play/run right now. If I tell you what I've played/run over this past year I think I'd endanger ENWorld's bandwidth. :D AD Barking Alien
  8. The Green Adam

    How many RPGs do you play?

    I currently run the following once a month each... Star Wars, The RPG (WEG, D6) DC Adventures (Green Ronin - Mutants & Masterminds 3E) My Homebrew D&D-like Game (TSR/Me - Vaguely AD&D 1E Sorta, Kinda):p A One-Shot of Whatever New Game or Crazy Idea I can come up with. Yes, once a month I...
  9. The Green Adam

    What are you playing that is NOT D&D?

    Yes Begrudgingly I am running one D&D campaign but its so houseruled and modified it isn't really D&D at this point. Other than that...? Running... Ghostbusters (A merging of WEG D6 and InSpectres) Star Trek (LUG ICON System) Star Wars (WEG D6) and possibly soon Champions (4th Edition)...
  10. The Green Adam

    Last Names in your Campaign

    Names and naming are a big thing for me too, although more among the Elves and Dwarves than the Humans. Since the races of Man come from so many different areas and encompass so many different cultures on my main medieval fantasy world, rules on naming vary from place to place. Some regions...
  11. The Green Adam

    Best Five RPG Books You Own

    Roughly and in no particular order... Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG by Last Unicorn Games (I'm more of a TOS fan but the TNG book is just easier to read and utilize). Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition by Green Ronin Champions 4th Edition (George Perez Cover) by Hero Games Faery's...
  12. The Green Adam

    List all of your character names! *read the instructions*

    I'll chime in... Names are easy for me to come up with so I'll just do the first few dozen or so that pop into my head as opposed to ones I've already used (what's the challenge in that ;) ) That said... Aliaera (Human Female) Argrol of the Wall (Human Male) Braunwin Breck'Bannon (Human...
  13. The Green Adam

    What Science Fiction Games are being played these days?

    I actually created a homebrew Galaxy Quest game years ago and it went over really well with my old group. It was hilarious while still giving us a solid jolt of Sci-Fi adventure. I think there are some notes or details about it on my blog but I forget. :o AD Barking Alien
  14. The Green Adam

    Scavenger's Guide to Droids

    While I thought the book had a nice section on modifications and such I was disappointed with the book as a Star Wars Droid fan. For a universe where the original three films had only one or two combat Droids and we've already gotten the stats for the droids of the Clone Wars era, I was...
  15. The Green Adam

    What Science Fiction Games are being played these days?

    I've been confronted with this situation as well, although I have enough old schoolers in the group to help me sell it. AD Barking Alien
  16. The Green Adam

    D&D 4E Help me improve my sci-fi homebrew 4e rules

    No particular interest on my part personally but I do have a question. Isn't Star Wars Saga Edition akin to having 4E Sci-Fi rules? AD Barking Alien
  17. The Green Adam

    Opinions needed. What do you do?

    As stated, is it fun? Are the players and the GM having fun with way? If the answer is no, have someone else run something or run it yourself. First though, let the guy know. Tell your GM you're not enjoying the game and see if you can come up with a few ways to improve the situation. AD...
  18. The Green Adam

    What Science Fiction Games are being played these days?

    Depends on your take... We also know the past. The concept of 'shared past, variable future' is not only a valid perspective and one noted by fans and game designers for years and years but it also relates directly to what you're saying. So yes, it does explain something. If you are...
  19. The Green Adam

    TIPS Sought for Sustainable Sci-Fi (not Star Wars) Gaming

    This is true of the later Star Trek games as well and certainly seen on screen from The Next Generation foward. Everyone has his, her or its own specialty but everyone also have certain skills that could perform the same task (or a similar one) at a reduced level. Say the bridge of the...
  20. The Green Adam

    TIPS Sought for Sustainable Sci-Fi (not Star Wars) Gaming

    Ah but that's why Melee Guy needs to either have a starfighter of his own or some other skill that helps in space combat. In my Star Wars (D6) campaigns is was common for the Merc/Soldier types to have a higher Starship Gunnery then the Smuggler who Pilots the ship. The Smuggler gets to do all...