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  1. grimslade

    The Illusionist: Class, Background or Theme?

    The class discussion threads felt incomplete without talk of the benighted Illusionist. In the spirit of thoroughness, what are our thoughts on the Illusionist? School specific wizards should be be reflected in theme and spell selection. That is all the Illusionist brings to the table. The...
  2. grimslade

    My hat Cy Onyx knows no limits! Or Go psi Fi!

    Reading through the class discussion threads in this forum, the psion and psionics seem to not fit into many D&D games. The Do Not Want! camp notes: Psi is covered by wizards already. Spells like telekinesis, ESP, and dominate, already fill the mind power niche. Ack! Science Fiction in my...
  3. grimslade

    HBO picks up Song of Ice and Fire

    Came across this: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117957532.html?categoryid=1236&cs=1&p=0 Looks like a 1 book = 1 season approach.