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  1. J

    D&D 5E Limiting Cantrips?

    Wizards should be Wizards. Always very bizarre they have to resort to a xbow or other weapon that are equally bad with. If they use a cantrip a round I can't see any issue, they are doing " wizard" each round.
  2. J

    D&D 5E Limiting Cantrips?

    Burn the use of that cantrip for the day to gain an extra first level spell slot
  3. J

    D&D General Are NPCs like PCs?

    No. They are not and should be built differently
  4. J

    D&D 5E Where's the Dump?

    Str. Dex way better make str near redundant. Means you don't need to dump int or cha which are the interesting stats
  5. J

    D&D 5E YOU are pitching the next big WotC Adventure. What is it???

    Sprawling epic desert erm, sandbox
  6. J

    One Ring 2E - Who's Doing What With It?

    To be a ring bearer is to be alone!
  7. J

    One Ring 2E - Who's Doing What With It?

    I know a several who have their physical copies but mine hasn't arrived yet Very sad face
  8. J

    "Casual" RPGs

    As mentioned BoL is a fast jump into game. PBTA certainly isn't. Takes a long and detailed session zero to create world and pcs??
  9. J

    D&D 5E A Compilation of all the Race Changes in Monsters of the Multiverse

    I do like the PB per day. Gets away from some of the issues that arise from short rests. Make a short rest say ten minutes and all it does allow hit dice use. Lots games give you hp back after a post combat cup of tea
  10. J

    D&D 5E A Compilation of all the Race Changes in Monsters of the Multiverse

    Struggling with a hobgoblin being helpful and spiteful and fey. Guess will wait to read the fluff
  11. J

    OSR A Historical Look at the OSR

    For me Old School games have the answer in your mind not on your character sheet. So few skills, lots making it up, more narration.....not I roll skill X
  12. J

    Eternals (Spoilers)

    It was OK. Bit confusing but some bright moments. End credit should have been Captain Britain related!!
  13. J

    Let's Talk About Fantasy heartbreaks and other FRPGs

    Started with dragonquest in 1980. That died when tsr took it over after a few years. Real heartbreaker. I still play and adore it. Played a few other games then my first ADND around 82 or 83 I guess.
  14. J

    D&D 5E Bugsploration Campaign Idea

    OP. Excellent idea btw. You could keep the game to end at low level. Effectively when you level you shed that " stage ", and get quite a jump in cool stuff, but then die when you reach say level 6 or 7 ( i.e your adult stage ends)
  15. J

    D&D 5E Advantage, Criticals, and Fumbles

    1. Adv / Dis great mechanic simple and effective. Easy to teach. Cuts down fiddly maths. 2+3. Not in a d20 game ( I despise them in PF1). Don't mind a 1 or 20 being autofail/success.
  16. J

    D&D General If you had to split up Dexterity...

    It was done in 1980 with dragonquest. Agility was your " legs" and Dexterity your "arms". I have never liked the d20 Dex as the Uber stat.
  17. J

    D&D 5E Untold Encounters & Wilderness Battlemaps Expand Your Exploration Pillar

    The Town's and Taverns one is excellent. Have used the maps an awful lot to represent Ythryn in Frostmaiden.
  18. J

    D&D General The Rakshasa and Genie Problem

    "The problem is when the monsters become stand-ins for those peoples in the fantasy worlds." This is the crux of your point/problem? ( You did use the P world a lot! And one badwrong word can do you in forever ) The things is I just don't/haven't seen this at all. To me these genuinely feels...
  19. J

    D&D General The Rakshasa and Genie Problem

    I got it once ( but am not sure I can comment on that comment). I think the main problem I had with the OP was it using the word " problem" in the first place. Throughout the history of gaming diverse pcs have fought diverse monsters over diverse environments. You can fight The Golem is...
  20. J

    D&D General Obscure monsters that you got great use out of

    I like mephits, and making up variations of them