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    Kickstarter The League of Not-So Aligned Sentients - coming November 12 to Kickstarter.

    Hey all, just wanted to post my incoming Kickstarter - The League of Not-So Aligned Sentients. This is a passion project born of trying to make my own sci-fi tabletop game, getting sidetracked creating aliens for that, and finding that there is a distinct lack of non-humanoid aliens for...
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    Kickstarter Traveller 3d printed type S

    Hey all, I figured there might be some Traveller fans here, or even just some sci-fi fans that like spaceahips. This is an officially licensed Traveller product. https://www.myminifactory.com/crowdfunding/traveller-359 Now this is technically not a kickstarter, but it is crowdfunding...
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    Unearthed Arcana Changing the Artificer from Unearthed Arcana PEACH

    Here is what I propose, making it a bit more crafting centric. Artificer 2nd level
You can expend your arcane recovery towards the cost of crafting an item. So if you would recover 2 spell levels, it will be 2 gold pieces.
You must still possess the proper proficiency. 2nd level