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  1. Thondor

    Sale Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace - Canada and Beyond

    The Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace is a Canadian focussed RPG marketplace. We sell both direct to consumers and to Canadian Friendly Local Game Stores. We sell both Print&PDF and PDF only. We pride ourselves on having beneficial policies for both publishers and local retailers. From...
  2. Thondor

    Support Your FLGS

    I have always loved Friendly Local Game Stores. I suspect I never would have run my own game sessions without having stumbled into a FLGS a year or so after my initial exposure to D&D. For my Master’s thesis I visited just over 50 game and comic stores in the Greater Toronto Area. With many...
  3. Thondor

    Simple Superheroes #0

    Product information... View for more details
  4. Thondor

    Kickstarter Simple Superheroes now on Kickstarter

    Simple Superheroes is now on Kickstarter. It is a flexible framework that lets you create exactly the superheroes you imagine. The game is powered by your creativity. I have been playtesting Simple Superheroes for 6 years, and now at long last, you can bring it home. It’s easy to learn and easy...
  5. Thondor

    Character Creation Video (Simple Superheroes)

    So this is a bit of a shameless plug for my Simple Superheroes RPG which I'll be kickstarting this Thursday. But I am seriously interested if anyone has seen similar video's done by Game Designers, particularly about character creation but also game mechanic overviews. Here is the video that I...
  6. Thondor

    Data map of the RPG Community

    Inspired by Morrus's old hexographer map of the RPG Community (unfortunately lost), I give you a Community data map of many of the forums that we all tend to use. Follow the link to interact with it. Go to the visualization There's a number of sites that I'd love to include if I could find...
  7. Thondor

    Thondor's "Artifice City" - Superheroes Unleashed

    Rogues Gallery for Artifice City. I may use this OP to post some details on Artifice City, and/or opponents. The current players are: Fireinthedust - Doctor Nexus - Maj. Sir Nethaddeus Cavor, MD, PhD etc (mutated Genius in armour) Mark Chance - American Dreamer - Aiden O'Leary (Former police...
  8. Thondor

    [recruiting maybe] Simple Superheroes - Artifice City

    If you've always wanted to make your own Superhero - This Game is for You. Recruiting? Well this is an old thread, and I primarily wanted to let everyone know who was interested in the past that Simple Superheroes is now on Kickstarter. But if there is a bunch of interest . . . who knows? Maybe...
  9. Thondor

    Advice for Running Con Games

    A friend recently asked if I had any advice for running a game at a con. I went on at some length, and shared the whole thing on my blog. Here are the key points: 1. You don't always get a full table. 2. Get a sense of the players familiarity with the RPG you are running (and RPGs in...
  10. Thondor

    You're Never to Old - Gaming with your Parents

    A few months ago I invited my father, who has just turned 60, and my mother to play a Tabletop Roleplaying Game with me. Neither had ever played such a game before. The game was Simple Superheroes, a game which I designed, developed and wrote. In some circles, there has been a big push to...
  11. Thondor

    FanExpo 2011

    So who else is going to Toronto's FanExpo? I'll be running my Simple Superheroes game on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. In the Toronto Area Gamers RPG room (I think it is room 703). I'll also be running a AD&D game Sunday afternoon. I missed FanExpo last year, so I'm really...
  12. Thondor

    Strategy & Tactics Magazine

    So . . . I know a lot about the history of the magazine . . . But how are the wargames that come with it these days. (I've even looked at a couple without the game part at a magazine store and they look neat in terms of the military history.) The price tag is a little heafty for a subscription...
  13. Thondor

    Blindness/Deafness in AD&D

    So I'm looking through my 1e books and OSRIC and I can't for the life of me find a reference to what actually mechanically happens when someone is blind or deafened. I could certainly infer things on blindness based on invisibility rules. (-4 to hit all opponents and must guess correct...
  14. Thondor


    Anyone else heading to CanGames in Ottawa this weekend (May 21-23)? I've never been before, but I'm pretty excited about it. Been around since 1977. Anyone gone before? How was the experience?
  15. Thondor

    Phoenix Stats?

    Has anyone come across any statistics for a Phoenix in 3.0/3.5? I noticed that they have stats for it in OSRIC, and while I could rework it from there, I was wondering if its already been done. Thanks.
  16. Thondor

    1e MM2 or Fiend Folio

    I found a copy of both for almost the same price (1$ difference) and am planning to pick up one at least. So which do you prefer? Which monsters book do you use more often? (if you have both) Do they have noticeably different flavours? Any particular beasties stand out in either one?
  17. Thondor

    Five things I learned writing a competition-winning Adventure

    Five things I learned writing a competition-winning Adventure Back in June, I won the Summer 6d6 Fireball Adventure Writing Competition. Since then, I have spent a fair bit of time mulling things over and learning some new things as well. So here are a few tips and thoughts on the process, and...
  18. Thondor

    FanExpo 2009 August 28-30, Toronto

    So who else is plannning on attending the FanExpo? This is actually my first time going and I'll be volunteering with a games company and will be running some board games and an RPG session or two. (Working out the details on the RPG sessions right now.) Anybody else been there before, or have...
  19. Thondor

    Writer announcing adventures release?

    Would it be considered appropriate for a writer to announce the release of their adventure in the general forums? I don't think I've seen this done before. Is it convention for writers to not talk about their products until a fan brings it up? And yes the publisher (6d6fireball) has already...
  20. Thondor

    Why THAC0 Rocks

    There has always been a rhetoric on these boards that discredits THAC0 (To Hit Armour Class 0) as being by far inferior to BAB (Base Attack Bonus). Posters state this as a matter of course, saying things like the adjustement to BAB (from THAC0) was so inherently logical that it is stunning that...