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    Talking Gaming With Satine Phoenix, Part One

    No, actually I'm not. Its quite sizeable. But the point was that youtube/podcast/etc are big, yes, but its not the totality of the population of those that game. Got facts to actual back that up? Until the other day I hadn't heard of her at all.
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    Talking Gaming With Satine Phoenix, Part One

    [/COLOR]Who? Superlatives like this aren't really useful. Really, there is a bigger wider world of gaming outside the small 'we produce and/or podcasts' world.
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    WOIN d6?!

    I'll admit I finally got around to looking at this. After all the first thing I was struck with out of the box when reading the starter kit was, "hey this is WEG's d6 system without the pips". Which was actually an exciting thought! I have 1st and 2nd Ed WEG SW and love them, all the...
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    Not sure if this is best place to post, but since there options are limited for 3.5... :) I'm looking for a setting to be used in a setting. I know that sounds odd, but I've tired of the group's current setting (FR) but they also don't really want to stray too far from that "world". So was...