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    LUCK question

    When adding LUCK dice to an attribute check dice-pool do players need to add the dice before they make the roll or is it ok for them to wait and see if they need to use LUCK to succeed? Last night my group ran into a situation where we were using the extended travel rules and by the time they...
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    OLD Errata v1.1C Questions

    So I noticed in 1.2 of NEW and NOW the skill requirements for high quality equipment are still included. However the newest errata for OLD still says to ignore them. Will skill for equipment use stay in 1.2 of OLD when it is released not? Just want to make sure my players start off on the right...
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    Monster/NPC Creation OLD vs NEW

    So I am comparing the information in both of these books on creating monsters etc for my game. Is there going to be a change to the version in NEW where stats are assigned based on role or will 1.2 of OLD keep the size based stats? Is there a reason not to use the system in NEW in OLD? Thanks!
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    I have just uploaded WOIN OLD GM Screen to the downloads area. A little something I put together for my own use. 4 panels at 8.5x11 in portrait. Not the best in the world but hopefully it helps someone. Enjoy! You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for...