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  1. jgsugden

    D&D General What is Druidism in your game?

    I have 5 types of magic: Supernatural, Divine, Nature, Arcane and Psionic. Supernatural are those things like ghosts that are not tied to specific mechanics, but are clearly magical. Divine, Arcane and Psionic are pretty straight forward. Nature Magic comes directly from the Positive Eneergy...
  2. jgsugden

    D&D 5E The Gods in your Pantheon, Where Do They Live?

    I break down the Divine into a few tiers: Abstract Greater Gods - there are three (The Universe, the Positive Energy Plane, the Negative Energy Plane). They are similar to some of the greatest cosmic entities in Marvel Comics (like Eternity, etc...). There are a few pieces of Lore that...
  3. jgsugden

    D&D 5E What Level(s) Are Your Character(s)?

    I have 13 PCs in games that technically are active, although some have been on hiatus for all of COVID. They cover the entire range, pretty much.
  4. jgsugden

    D&D 5E The Gods in your Pantheon, Where Do They Live?

    They once all lived on the Prime, but were banished from it by my "Uber-God" figure (who, in my entire mythos, has done a total of 5 things) when they began to cause too much chaos. The VAST majority of them now reside in my Hell and Heavens planes. Instead of having a huge number of planes...
  5. jgsugden

    D&D 5E Buying magic items, yes or no?

    I strive to create a fantastical world that operates realistically. To that end, valuable commodities have a market. In larger cities, the market is larger. Elsewhere it is smaller. In the four largest markets of my setting you can get your hands on almost anything... for a price. There is a...
  6. jgsugden

    D&D 5E Split the Assassin from the Rogue back into its own class

    When I want to play a sneaky PC, my usual route is 5 (or more) levels of Gloomstalker to start. They're a far better rogue than a rogue. Who do you want sneaking into an enemy complex and murdering a guard? An assassin, or a Gloomstalker. Play it out.
  7. jgsugden

    Critical Role Critical Role show kickstarter update: Backers have to get Amazon prime to get the show

    What some of us seem to be overlooking is that Critical Riole has a btand, that brand has a value, and values inconsistent with that brand hurt the brand - and that brand is partly based upon them being good people that want to do right by their fans. This is not on brand for them.
  8. jgsugden

    Critical Role Critical Role show kickstarter update: Backers have to get Amazon prime to get the show

    There is a difference between justice/legal rights and the legal concept of equity. What is just may not be equitable, and what is equitable may require more than what is just. Here, they asked people to help them create an animated special, that through the quality and quantity of support...
  9. jgsugden

    D&D General Make Your Dwarves More Interesting

    I have a lot of Dwarves, but my most common Dwarves are right out of Tolkien. Same for my most common elves, halflings and orcs. I want these concepts to be accessible to new players from the second they sit down. There are a number of odd clans, variants, etc... of each heritage, but they're...
  10. jgsugden

    D&D General Make Your Dwarves More Interesting

    Why do you own a color television? Or why do you wear glasses if you do not have 20/20 vision? Darkvision is limited. In 5E mechanics it gives you disadvantage on perception (including a 5 penalty to passive perception) and it is black and white, which means that those relying upon it may miss...
  11. jgsugden

    D&D General Are NPCs like PCs?

    I have a mechanic driven answer for this: In my game there is something called being 'God Touched'. When the Raven Queen ascended to Godhood, she stole the powers of a mighty God and kept only a little for herself, while sending the rest out into the world to give to mortals, mostly human...
  12. jgsugden

    D&D 5E Point buy vs roll

    1.) Roll 2d6 six times. Add 4 to each result. 2.) Decide whether you want to apply them in order, or reorder them. If you take them in order, the DM will give you a minor perk, such as a minor magic item, an ally, a weak feat, etc... 3.) If you do not like the result, use point buy and get...
  13. jgsugden

    D&D 5E YOU are pitching the next big WotC Adventure. What is it???

    I am running this right now - twice. Once with my old group, and once with my new group. For the old group, they're in different Prime Material Planes. For the new Group, a couple are in the Prime, and the rest are in the Shadowfell, the Feywild, Ethereal, Hells and my Sigil.
  14. jgsugden

    D&D General Not Railroad, Not Sandbox ... What else is there?

    I don't know if the distinction between improvisational and planned games fits into this discussion. While I think most enjoyable improvised games would be sandbox, you could also have one that follows another parameter - but the distinction of whether a DM has prepared material or is off the...
  15. jgsugden

    D&D 5E YOU are pitching the next big WotC Adventure. What is it???

    I'd write a new Athasian / Dark Sun path just so that I could finally introduce rules for Psionics. It would essentially be an alternative history starting with the Freedom module - but with the coupe a failure.
  16. jgsugden

    D&D General Not Railroad, Not Sandbox ... What else is there?

    We all hear about Railroading and Sandbox games - but there is no singular definition for either of these terms, and many people would apply them differently. Further, I don't think that every game situation we see fits neatly into these two boxes. So, I'd like to hear people brainstorm on...
  17. jgsugden

    D&D 5E How to run a small, shifting maze

    Building Dungeons with Mathematics! | Forum. If you can follow that, a 4D dungeon doesn't shift, but it is confusing as all heck. As a lighter version: In the past, I created a dungeon that consisted of seventeen 20 by 20 by 20 rooms. There was a circular 10' wide door on each wall, floor...
  18. jgsugden

    D&D 5E How do you DM Mage Hand Legerdemain and oil/acid/holy water

    As a DM, I'd follow the rules as written and not allow the Mage Hand to be used to make an attack role, and as an attack role is required to dump the material on he target ... not possible. Then, I'd make sure I'd insert something into the game that allowed that PC to break that rule, and I'd...
  19. jgsugden

    D&D General Times You've Wanted to Kill Your Players

    In 40+ years of D&D, I can't recall being mad at a player in one of my games when they are at the table. There are four primary reasons (off the top of my head): 1.) I generally vet new players pretty well. I've often used the statement, "I don't think you'd be a good fit for this group, but...
  20. jgsugden

    D&D 5E Levels 1-4 are "Training Wheels?"

    From a story perspective: Absolutely not. You can start building great stories in the first few seconds of a game at level 1. From a rules perspective, we build up our understanding of our PC capabilities over time, and starting out simple allows us to get progressively more complex. So...