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  1. Altamont Ravenard

    Taking the Leap: Buying a Gaming Table

    My primary, old-man concern with a gaming setup would be to have comfortable chairs. I don't think I could endure much sitting time, butt- and back-wise, on those flat, hard, backless benches...
  2. Altamont Ravenard

    D&D 5E Adding a "narrative mechanic" to 5E

    Hello all, Does anyone have suggestions regarding adding a narrative mechanic to 5E in the style of FFG's Genesys system (said system is used in their Star Wars line). For those who don't know what I'm referring to, when making a check, you roll special dice which have 2 basic effects : 1)...
  3. Altamont Ravenard

    Crazed Gamers Celebrate 40 Years at Gen Con

    A very noobish question but how does the "competition" work? The group that gets the furthest in the adventure? AR
  4. Altamont Ravenard

    LF RPG where characters can change "powers" at will

    Hello all, Does anyone know if there is a RPG where the characters can pretty much change their powers at will? I'm not talking about what basically Wizards and Clerics do by selecting new spells each day, but rather a game where a character has access to multiple powers but can only activate...
  5. Altamont Ravenard

    If You Pre-Order This 448-Page D&D Art Book You Get A Free Deluxe Art Print

    On the preorder page it says that "EACH POSTER IS 11 BY 17 INCHES." (caps not mine) Offer is also only valid for US residents, while supplies last. AR
  6. Altamont Ravenard

    What are you Reading? July 2018 edition

    Working through China Miéville's Perdido Street Station. Quite an interesting read, industrial age fantasy. I also have the 4th Conan Omnibus on my reading table. AR
  7. Altamont Ravenard

    What no Luke Cage love?

    Felt the season was a little long, but the last five minutes of the last episode are probably the best minutes of all the Marvel Netflix series. AR
  8. Altamont Ravenard

    Excel and Massive Campaigns

    I might be oversimplifying things, but I see a very basic Excel sheet : Column A contains the name of the characters Column B contains info about those characters If you want to know who hate Gnolls, you can just filter column B with "gnolls" and it will only show lines that containt that word...
  9. Altamont Ravenard

    Creating a More Immersive D&D Experience

    Things that encourage immersion are as important, IMO as making sure that the environment is free of elements that ruin or negatively affect immersion, ie various sources of distraction that have nothing to do with the game, like background tv for example. Also, IME, it helps either to get the...
  10. Altamont Ravenard

    What Are You Reading? Lovely Feb 2018 Edition

    Re-reading Si par une nuit d'hiver un voyageur by Italo Calvino, then off to 2 Steven Erikson (Malazan Book of the Fallen) novellas I haven't read yet, Crack'd Pot Trail and Fiends of Nightmaria.
  11. Altamont Ravenard

    Altered Carbon

    Really liked it, but (maybe I was tired when I watched it) i had some trouble following the finer points of the plot. There are probably some details that I missed, even though I don't think it afftected my enjoyment of the show. AR
  12. Altamont Ravenard

    Netflix show : Dark [Probable spoilers]

    Finished it a couple days back. It was generally pretty good. The mood of the show is constant and great. The music is pretty stressful. The acting is very... german. I'm not sure I understood everything or catch every little nuance, and I can't vouch that everything actually makes sense in the...
  13. Altamont Ravenard

    Stranger Things 2 [spoilers]

    I hate nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia, but I really enjoyed this series, as, I feel, it didn't rely at all on nostalgia to be a good show. I'm not sure about Eleven's trip to Illinois and Eight's gang and storyline, but I guess we'll see them again in season 3. AR
  14. Altamont Ravenard

    Blade Runner 2049 [SPOILERS]

    Loved the film. The music was intense but appropriate. A friend asked this question and I wasn't sure how to respond : How did K know where to look for Deckard? AR
  15. Altamont Ravenard

    After Game of Thones/George RR Martin who takes the mantle as the upcming fantasy

    It's not an easy read, and it would require about 15 seasons to do the complete story, but I would love to see a good adaptation of Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen. It's just IMHO the best, grandest fantasy saga that is and ever will be.
  16. Altamont Ravenard

    Anyone seen Dunkirk?

    Beautiful film. The timeline play blew me away. The music is incredible. It's not the usual tone for war movies but it works. I would give it a solid 5/7. AR
  17. Altamont Ravenard

    GAME OF THRONES #1 :Dragonstone---Season 7 EPISODE #61

    Can't wait for other guest appearances by Katy Perry as a Greyjoy pirate wench and Pitbull as an unsullied... AR
  18. Altamont Ravenard

    Sell me on a good fantasy novel

    Re-read the Malazan book of the fallen :) I really enjoyed : - R Scott Bakker's "Prince of Nothing" and "Aspect-Emperor" series (The first serie is complete. The second serie continues 20 years later and the 4th and last tome is out this year) - Mark T Barnes "Echoes of Empire" series (very...
  19. Altamont Ravenard

    TPK: Should I let it happen? Am I being fair?

    I would either let the demon escape before the players reach it and have it start rampaging the countryside or let the players start the fight, take out a couple of them and wether they escape or not I would have the demon simply leave, telling the characters that they are not worth his time...
  20. Altamont Ravenard

    The Defenders (trailer)

    Nitpick : it's "Come as you are" :) Looks good. I liked Luke. I couldn't finish watching Iron Fist. AR