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  1. Altamont Ravenard

    D&D 5E Adding a "narrative mechanic" to 5E

    Hello all, Does anyone have suggestions regarding adding a narrative mechanic to 5E in the style of FFG's Genesys system (said system is used in their Star Wars line). For those who don't know what I'm referring to, when making a check, you roll special dice which have 2 basic effects : 1)...
  2. Altamont Ravenard

    LF RPG where characters can change "powers" at will

    Hello all, Does anyone know if there is a RPG where the characters can pretty much change their powers at will? I'm not talking about what basically Wizards and Clerics do by selecting new spells each day, but rather a game where a character has access to multiple powers but can only activate...
  3. Altamont Ravenard

    The characters are the players

    Hello all, Certainly not an original idea (it was the premise of the original D&D cartoon), but have you ever played a game where the characters are actually the players who find themselves in a RPG setting? What was the premise? How did it go? I was thinking about starting such a game and was...
  4. Altamont Ravenard

    Pathfinder 1E Character folio app (with complete rules)

    Hello all, I'm currently looking at Character Sheet tablet apps for Pathfinder and I can't quite find what I'm looking for. Do you guys have any apps to recommend? A big big big plus if Pathfinder rules are included in the app (ie drop-down list with races and classes, skill, feat and spell...
  5. Altamont Ravenard

    Pathfinder 1E House Rule : Defensive Reaction

    Hello all, I wanted to know if any of you use a similar house rule in your games, or if you have any comments on the house rule below. Context : Because of its cyclical nature, RPG combat sometimes does not well represent some cinematic aspects of fantasy combat. One example would be an evil...
  6. Altamont Ravenard

    Infinite casting sorceror problems

    Hello all, I'm trying to imagine all the problems that would arise from the following scenario: take an 8th-level Pathfinder sorceror that has access to the Wizard, Cleric and Druid spell lists (but is still limited as usual in the number of spells he knows) and that can cast an infinite number...
  7. Altamont Ravenard

    Looking for a magic system

    Hello all, Would any of you know of a magic system in a fantasy RPG that has the following characteristics (whether or not the system is actually good)? - A check of some sort is necessary to cast a spell - Taking longer to cast a spell makes casting the spell easier (bonus to spellcasting...
  8. Altamont Ravenard

    OOTS 946

    http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0946.html The strip will be back on March 31st it seems! AR
  9. Altamont Ravenard

    Trying to stat Malazan races for Pathfinder

    Hello all, As a big fan of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, I’m trying to put together a Malazanesque campaign, and one of my first tasks is to stat the “playable” races from that world for Pathfinder, using the guidelines outlined in the “Creating a new race” section of the Pathfinder...
  10. Altamont Ravenard

    D&D 3E/3.5 Hypothetical complete 3.5 wiki (à la d20pfsrd)

    Hypothetical complete 3.5 wiki (à la d20pfsrd) I've been playing Pathfinder recently and I really like it, especially since all (ALL!) the rules and reference matter are online at www.d20pfsrd.com. It makes it so much easier to play the game with the material conveniently hyperlinked and...
  11. Altamont Ravenard

    E6: Retraining levels?

    Hello everyone, E6 looks very interesting to me. I was wondering if anyone has let characters retrain levels? Say a character ends up being Ftr3/Wiz3 but would prefer concentrate on his magical abilities instead of his fighting technique later in his career. Has anyone ever let their players do...
  12. Altamont Ravenard

    Looking for extra bonuses for high ability scores

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a house ruled homebrew, in which I'm trying to find some extra bonuses to give for high ability (str, dex, etc.) scores and I could use some suggestions. Note that abilities are capped at 25 for humans, but still follow the usual d20 progression for bonuses (8 is...
  13. Altamont Ravenard

    Charm Person / Mind Bender's Eternal Charm Person

    Hello there, I'm going to start a game in which one player will play a Sorcerer/Mind Bender. (ranty paranthesis: he's going to be a sorcerer (blaster) that charmed a blackguard (melee monster), has Improved Familiar (imp, spy) and wanted to take Leadership (healer cohort). He'll be his own...
  14. Altamont Ravenard

    Names and Nicknames

    Hello there, I haven't read much fantasy fiction. Even though I've been playing D&D for 20+ years, I was never interested in fantasy litterature (although I read Tolkien). Only relatively recently that I've started reading some (mainly Steven Erickson (Malazan Books of the Fallen) and Glen Cook...
  15. Altamont Ravenard

    Something Positive: a great webcomic, now with ENworld!

    Or at least mentioning someone OF ENworld. Check out today's (March 21st) comic: Something Positive Warning: sometimes contains non-grandma-appropriate language. AR
  16. Altamont Ravenard

    Can anyone identify the artist?

    Hello there, I came upon this picture: (which has been modified, you'll understand. It's from Something Awful's latest Photoshop Friday) I was wondering if anyone could identify the original picture's artist. I think it's an incredible piece and would like to learn more about it. Any leads...
  17. Altamont Ravenard

    Divine Oracle's Foresight

    Hello all, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the Divine Oracle's (Cleric paragon path) Foresight ability. Here's the relevant text: Foresight (11th level): You and each ally within 5 squares of you can’t be surprised. SURPRISED ✦ You grant combat advantage. ✦ You can’t take actions...
  18. Altamont Ravenard

    The character that wasn't meant to be?

    I asked around in my gaming group, and I wanted to get the input of a bigger gaming community (well, the biggest, in fact). Is there a character that you've always wanted to play, but never got a chance / didn't turn out in a satisfactory fashion? The reasons that can be behind the fact that...
  19. Altamont Ravenard

    Can I post this? If yes, where should I post it?

    Hello there, I want to ask the vast ENWorld community if someone had a text version of the Spell Compendium book. I want to collect all the spells I'll be using in my campaign in a big word document (like the SRD) to share with my players. I currently own the Spell Compendium, so I could...
  20. Altamont Ravenard

    D&D 3E/3.5 4E-ing 3.5E multiclassing

    Hello all, I've never been a fan of multiclassing. As a mechanical point of view, you get a few awesome combinations, and a lot of cases where you end up losing much (in terms of power). I like the 4E idea behind multiclassing. You keep your main class but you can add powers from another...