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  1. eyeheartawk

    When and what game did you start with.

    John, over at the My First Game: Top Secret/SI thread is right! That would be an interesting thread. When did you start playing? What game was it? What was the environment in the gaming scene like at that time? Let us talk of the halcyon days, when the sun was bright and the days long. Between...
  2. eyeheartawk

    D&D General Hey, are we all cool with having to buy the same book twice, or what?

    It's been three years since D&D Beyond launched and I see many people, here and elsewhere, gladly pay for the physical copy of a release and then again for the virtual copy. There are companies 1/100th the size of WotC that will gladly provide a virtual copy of the physical book you bought for...
  3. eyeheartawk

    [Chicago, southwestern burbs] Looking for some players to fill out group.

    Hi all, I host a group at my home in the Fox Valley area and we are in need of a couple of players to fill out the group. Right now we play every Sunday alternating between two games (M&M 3E and Stars Without Number at the moment) each weekend, starting at around 1PM. We have some players who...