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  1. Nathal

    Kickstarter Eldritch RPG 2nd Edition

    Hello! I am excited to announce that I've relaunched the Eldritch RPG 2nd Edition Kickstarter and I hope you take a look. It's a versatile, epic fantasy TRPG tailored for both one-shot weekend warriors and GMs desiring a customizable system for longer campaigns. Check it out here!
  2. Nathal

    Kickstarter Eldritch RPG 2nd Edition Kickstarter, coming March 30th!

    On March 30th, my Kickstarter for Eldritch 2nd Edition goes live! The Eldritch Role-Playing game system made its debut in 2008, published by Goodman Games, and received many positive reviews, and the Revised Edition was released in 2013 in its own successful Kickstarter. Now, eight years later...
  3. Nathal

    Sale GMs day sale of Eldritch RPG and announcement of development of Jordenheim RPG based on video game!

    Eldritch RPG 40% off for GM's day sale! Only 19 hours left as of 2pm 3/10/2019! Or you can get the rules for free with monthly adventures, as well as access to the ongoing development of the Jordenheim PRG (www.jordenheim.com) when joining our Patreon www.patreon.com/eldritchrpg! Check out the...
  4. Nathal

    Patreon Eldritch Patreon is Live!

    My name is Daniel Cross, and I created a Patreon that focuses on adventures and material for my own Eldritch Role-Playing Game (eldritchrpg.net), including versions for the 5th Edition of the world's most popular game system. I co-authored the Eldritch Role-Playing game system with Randall...
  5. Nathal

    Eldritch RPG 40% off until October 7th!

    Check out the Silver Best Selling Eldritch RPG System! Curious about Eldritch RPG, the highly customizable fantasy tabletop role-playing game with a unique combat system and endless character concepts? The reviewer Endzeitgeist said that due to the systems "mathematical elegance of chance and...
  6. Nathal

    Eldritch RPG Quickstart Guide is here!

    Eldritch RPG Quickstart Guide is here! This free Quickstart guide to the Eldritch Role-Playing (ERP) RPG enables you and your gaming group to travel far beyond the threshold of the familiar into a fascinating realm of new role-playing challenges and experiences. Also included is the first...
  7. Nathal

    Using Roll20 on a TV with Chromecast

    Has anybody here played a game while projecting a player's map from Roll20.net (or something similar) using a Chromecast hooked into a big screen TV? I'm excited to give it a try.
  8. Nathal

    D&D 5E OGL forums

    Am I blind or is there no OGL-SRD 5.1 centered product forum around here? :confused:
  9. Nathal

    D&D 5E A simple Monster question

    Hey 5E experts, I'm late to the D&D 5th Edition party and just now really starting to dig into these rules. I have a few questions and I know there is no better place in all cyberspace to ask! My overall question is this: Why is the proficiency bonus listed only under the Saving Throws section...
  10. Nathal

    Sale Eldritch RPG on sale $10 PDF

    Greetings from Crossroads Games! I'm Dan Cross, co-author of Eldritch RPG. In a nutshell: Eldritch is a game system unique in its implementation, and fun to play with an interesting setting. Now is a great time to judge for yourself because the PDF is on sale for $10! Anybody who was curious...
  11. Nathal

    Buying odd size dice

    What is your favorite online store for odd-sized dice? D16s and such?
  12. Nathal

    Reading PDFs on tablets

    I love my tablets and tech in general. I have an Ipad, an LG G Pad and a Nexus 7. And yet, I don't really like reading PDFs on them, or using them during a game with the way those are layout. Causal reading is a different matter. Anyway, I'd like to see more RPG books put together more like...
  13. Nathal

    Kickstarter Eldritch Revised Kickstarter! A tabletop fantasy game with rules that focus on action & story

    Check out the new edition of Eldritch RPG! The Kickstarter has 14 days to go. All existing and future pledges are now upgraded to full color! This is a tabletop fantasy game with rules that focus on action & story, revised to include new material and the campaign setting of Ainerêve...
  14. Nathal

    Hangout playtest forbidden?

    How interesting that their FAQ states we cannot run our playtest games on Google Hangout. I don't understand that! My friends are scattered all over the country, so that was the only way I was going to get them together. It's ironic too, since Mike Mearls said he's done much playtesting of DND...
  15. Nathal

    List of IPAD apps?

    I know this site had a list of Iphone/IPAD apps for GMs in various RPG systems. Where is the link to that list? Has it been updated? Is there another site or blog that tracks that stuff?
  16. Nathal

    Please no monster class levels

    I remember making up NPCs and Monsters in 3rd Edition started to feel like a chore. I know, to each his own, but that's one thing 4E did much better. I am more of a 2nd Edition guy overall, and would rather play 3rd than DM it. I'm still hoping 5E takes the best of each edition, at least in...
  17. Nathal


    Oh, the joy! Remember Wasteland and games like the original Bards Tale? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/wasteland-2?ref=search
  18. Nathal

    Help Kickstart Eldritch RPG's campaign setting

    The Eldritch Role-Playing game was launched in 2008, published by Goodman Games. Created by Dan Cross and Randall Petras, the game system is written for gamers who enjoy having myriad character options, exciting and diverse action scenes; all without losing a narrative focus. Adventuring...
  19. Nathal

    VTT beta feedback?

    I'm surprised I see little feedback from the ongoing VTT beta users. Any positive experiences so far? It would have to be really rich and well integrated with the DDI experience to best programs like Fantasy Grounds. The only drawback to other VTTs is that it takes more prep for systems that...
  20. Nathal

    Class Compendium

    So with the Class Compendium out soon, why would anybody buy the hardbacks? I like the new format, but I can't see WOTC reprinting the old core books at this point. Just an observation.