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  1. Dragonhelm

    D&D General Dragonlance Nexus Fan Site Turns 21!

    The Dragonlance Nexus fan site is celebrating its 21st birthday this month! The Nexus got its start in January 2001 amidst a divided Dragonlance fan community with the goal of keeping Dragonlance alive. The Nexus has worked with Margaret Weis Productions (formerly Sovereign Press) on the...
  2. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Are You Keeping Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes?

    With the upcoming release of Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse, are you keeping Volo's Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes? In my mind, they're no longer needed, but there is the collectability factor.
  3. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Dragonlance Nexus Posts Tasslehoff's Pouches of Everything

    The Dragonlance Nexus -- the fan site for all things Dragonlance -- has created a free 94-page PDF detailing the Dragonlance setting for D&D 5th Edition. The PDF includes races, organizations, equipment, gods, magic, monsters, geography, a timeline, and more...
  4. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd Product and Accessory Questions

    For those of you who picked up the Curse of Strahd Revamped boxed set after first buying the hardcover book, what did you do with the hardcover after you got the boxed set? Keep it, sell it, etc.? If you also had the DM Screen and Tarokka deck by Gale Force 9, did you keep those as well?
  5. Dragonhelm

    D&D General Malhavoc the Character

    As I understand it, Monte Cook named his original company after a character of his named Malhavoc. Am I right on this? Do we know anything about the character?
  6. Dragonhelm


    Does the new site have themes, i.e. the black themes?
  7. Dragonhelm

    Starfinder How does Starfinder compare to Esper Genesis?

    I have been looking at both Starfinder and Esper Genesis as possible systems and settings for a science fantasy game I want to run. I was wondering what peoples' experiences were with both systems, particularly if you have played in both. A few items I am curious about... 1. Which races do you...
  8. Dragonhelm

    Adventures in Halfling Lands?

    I'm looking for some adventures that take place within halfling lands (i.e. the Shire). This can be any edition or system, though I'd prefer something D&D/d20-ish. Something like this: Shadows of the Halfling Hall Thanks in advance.
  9. Dragonhelm

    Whatever happened to the Dungeons & Dragons Documentary Kickstarter?

    There was a kickstarter a few years back for the Dungeons & Dragons Documentary. It was running behind, of course, but it seemed to be moving forward. From what I am seeing now, I can't see that the project is still in the works. Now I'm worried that I'm out some money. Anyone know what...
  10. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Maenad Conversion?

    Just wondering if anyone has converted the Maenad from the 3.5 Expanded Psionics Handbook. Thanks!
  11. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Mystic Character Sheet?

    Does anyone know of a mystic character sheet? It may be a little early for that yet, but I'm hoping to find one. Thanks!
  12. Dragonhelm

    D&D 4E Dark Sun 4e element description?

    I am trying to find a description of the 4e elements, and I can't seem to find it. It may have been from a web article or from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. It says something like "elements of sun, sand, fire, and wind" or some such. Basically, a way of describing the elements that was more...
  13. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Any Updates on Psionics and the Mystic?

    I thought I read somewhere that we would be seeing an update on the psionics article WotC posted back in July sometime in November. Anyone got any info on this?
  14. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Thematic Differences Between Paladin (Green Knight/Oath of the Ancients) and Ranger

    One of the subclasses that has intrigued me in 5e is the Oath of the Ancients paladin (Green Knight). I know the mechanical differences, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to differentiate them from a thematic role-playing POV. They're both champions of nature, just in different ways...
  15. Dragonhelm

    Halfling/Hobbit Sourcebooks and Adventures

    I am looking to run an all-halfling one-shot set in the Five Shires sometime in the future, but I need some help fleshing it out. What I am looking for are some sourcebooks or adventures to help me flesh it all out. I know of some D&D resources, but I was wondering if there were more. I know of...
  16. Dragonhelm

    13th Age 13th Age and Eldritch Might Bards for 5e?

    Two of my favorite pre-5e sources for bards are Monte Cook's alternate bard in the Complete Book of Eldritch Might, as well as the excellent bard found in 13th Age. What I'm wondering is how one might convert those two sources to use with the 5e bard. Personally, I love the idea of spellsongs...
  17. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E The Sun Blade is a Lightsaber?

    In prior editions, the sun blade seemed like a regular sword that had the ability to light up. In 5e, it's very much a lightsaber. Nothing wrong with that, of course. :cool: However, I have to ask - was my original assumption that the sun blade was an actual sword correct, or has it been a...
  18. Dragonhelm

    D&D 5E Maztica - Eagle Knights and Jaguar Knights

    While I am not a huge fan of Maztica, I did like a couple of the archetypes - the Eagle Knight and the Jaguar Knight. I was thinking what they might look like in 5e and thought I'd get some feedback. I'm using the article on them in Dragon #315 as my main reference. The ability to shape-change...
  19. Dragonhelm


    One of my favorite concepts from the AD&D 2nd Edition Complete Fighter's Handbook was a kit called the beast-rider. To me, this is a great concept for a number of classes. Pathfinder has a version of it for their cavalier class, but it doesn't totally feel right to me. How would that concept...
  20. Dragonhelm

    OGL Cybernet - Ema's Character Sheet

    Does anyone have a backup of the OGL Cybernet character sheet by Ema (before his site got shut down)? I had a backup, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks!