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  1. Bunker

    Level Up (A5E) List O5E subclasses which need Action Surge

    For compatibilty purposes, the most likely issue is going to be action surge. What O5E subclasses require action surge, and is there a simple universal change we can make so they work?
  2. Bunker

    Level Up (A5E) Is Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition compatible with D&D 5E?

    Short answer: yes. Long aswer: it is if Tasha's is. So this quesiton seems to come up a lot, and I thought I'd quickly dive into it. Level Up isn't the same as D&D 5E (otherwise why buy it?) but it is compatible with it. Level Up is compatible with 5E if Tasha's Cauldron of Everything is...
  3. Bunker

    D&D 5E WotC Strixhaven/Kickstarter Red Dawn

    Didnt WoTC have that Red Dawn Kickstarter taken down? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/burningstargames/red-dawn-into-the-dawnlands/comments? Feels a bit hypocritical to be bragging about magic schools with owls delivering invitations. D&D is based on plundering other IP and cultures.
  4. Bunker

    D&D 5E I thought WotC was removing biological morals?

    Removing alignments from monsters as I understand it is to say that no creature is biologically 'evil'. But is there a material difference between saying a race is evil and saying a race is homicidal? I'm not sure I have a point to make, other than that I'm slightly confuised as I thought that...
  5. Bunker

    Level Up (A5E) Planetouched preview

    Over on the Facebook group there's a planetouched preview.
  6. Bunker

    D&D 5E It's so hard to die!

    My gaming group and I decided to try a little experiment. We did this in both 5E and Pathfinder 2E. The experiment was as follows: we would play through three medium/hard encounters or two normally (with a break for rest and healing in between each), except that my role was to try to die. I...
  7. Bunker

    D&D 5E Monsters: Greek or D&D

    When somebody says "Chimera" to you, do you think of WotC's version of a chimera, or the Greek legend? WotC (MM): "Chimeras were created after mortals summoned Demogorgon to the world. The Prince of Demons, unimpressed with the creatures that surrounded it, transformed them into horrific...
  8. Bunker

    Does Roll20 get Kickstarters taken down if they mention them?

    "Do not promise Roll20 rewards for your campaign without our permission. Doing so is cause for us to contact the crowdfunding platform to have unauthorized use pulled from the site."...
  9. Bunker

    D&D 5E Ability check DC based on level

    Sure this is a really obvious question. Is there a table somewhere which shows appropriate ability check DCs by level or by adventuring tier? I'm sure htere is and I'm just blanking on it.
  10. Bunker

    ZEITGEIST Are the levels right?

    I was looking at the Gears of Revolution AP on the Zeitgeist website and I was a bit confused about the adventure levels. edit -- 5th edition version #5 level 7 #6 level 9 #7 level 10 #8 level 13 That's a big jump from 10-13. Is #7 especially long?
  11. Bunker

    Sell me on Savage Worlds

    I know it's very popular and I'm considering the plunge with the new Savage Pathfinder Kickstarter. So, tell me about Savage Worlds!
  12. Bunker

    D&D 5E New familiars in Tashas

    From the livestream. And a new magic item.
  13. Bunker

    D&D 5E New class options in Tasha

    https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2020/09/dd-celebration-2020-reveals-new-features-for-every-class.html So looks like this UNEARTHED ARCANA from November has been integrated into Tasha's, from what was said on the livestreams this weekend...
  14. Bunker

    D&D 5E Psionics in Tasha

    Previews from the livestream. https://www.belloflostsouls.net/2020/09/dd-celebration-2020-reveals-psionics-are-in-tashas-cauldron-of-everything.html
  15. Bunker

    Level Up (A5E) Changes to race (species?)

    Whatever it ends up being called. Some thoughts. Needs some juggling. Split species and cuture. No ability score adjustments. You choose those yourself with point buy. Text says something like: "Many half-orcs are very strong; your half-orc does not have to be. Similarly, many elves are very...
  16. Bunker

    LotFP's James Raggi says he'll ban anybody who talk about Zak S controversy

    Doubling down on the Dark Side of the Force. https://www.geeknative.com/74747/lamentations-of-the-flame-princess-lose-major-project-over-zak-smith-support/ He recently pled financial ruin and conveniently was fine a few days later after his charitable supporters allegedly bought loads of his...
  17. Bunker

    Dice Action Camera players in sex scandal!

    Sounds like a tabloid headline, but isn't... Two of the players in Chris Perkins' Dice Camera Action show had an affair; the male (married) one, ProJared, sends unsolicited dick pics to female fans and asks for nudes in return. And, apparently, has been doing this for years. Info at the...
  18. Bunker

    D&D 1E Mearls on AD&D 1E

    Mearls was talking on Twitter about 1E. https://twitter.com/mikemearls/status/974552386109763584
  19. Bunker

    How many C&Ds has WotC issued for 5E?

    Curious really. I suspet they're all for character creator and other automated software or apps. At least the ones I can recall are. Is that the case? Some of them came back with SRD material. Seems the pattern is automated apps which use non-SRD stuff gets C&D, comes back with just SRD stuff...