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  1. Lord Mhoram

    D&D 3E/3.5 Trying to remember what book this bit was in

    I'm organizing old PDFs, and reading them (of course) made me think of this specific book - I remember owning in print or PDF a book on psionics, and as an appendix it talked about converting standard spells to Psionic Powers, then listed a bunch with 1 or 2 line descriptions as a starter. I...
  2. Lord Mhoram

    Creative juices dry, need some input

    Need help naming a company/product in an upcoming game, before I pitch it to the group. The name of the company is also the name of the campaign. Campaign idea - people play fully immersive (as in Matrix level) MMOs. Part of the game is going to be players as e-Sports stars, with promos...
  3. Lord Mhoram

    2000AD Free (legal) 2000 AD comics

    2000 AD comics has released a Judge Dredd Case files book that is free to download. Figured there would be fans here that would find that useful.
  4. Lord Mhoram

    Suggestions for the name of a small group of gods

    I am putting my campaign world together, and find myself not coming up with something I like for a collective name for the gods. A little odd cosmology. Originally 13 gods. Classic petty Greek gods kind of thing (although all gods are good aligned). Then 1 god went evil, joined forces with...
  5. Lord Mhoram

    D&D 5E Advice needed (new to 5E, but not to gaming)

    Alright, I've made the decision to jump into D&D 5th. I'd been hovering for a few years, but my gaming money has been going to Pathfinder - but it has been hard to actually play (the wife and I play solo); so while I like the stuff I see for PF2, I don't think I will be playing it, given...
  6. Lord Mhoram

    Question about Upcoming Products - WOIN

    So far I know of - N.O.W Bestiary/Enemies/Monster book 2000 AD. Any other big books to be aware of coming up for the system?
  7. Lord Mhoram

    Recomendations wanted: Best basic music player for Linux

    So, I have decided to move to Linux for my next computer, and I'm looking for a media player, but I don't want what a lot of people want. I don't care about internet connectivity, smart playlists, recommendations. I just want something that plays the MP files, in the order I have them on the...
  8. Lord Mhoram

    Natural healing?

    So, I was looking through the books - and I can't find a reference to characters recovering HEALTH naturally. I found the "take an hour, roll END Pool". Do characters heal naturally? If so - how much, and almost as important - where in the books is that stated (NEW or OLD)? Thanks.
  9. Lord Mhoram

    Input requested for some rules items.

    I've been reading WOIN extensively, and started GMing my wife in a solo game, and she is doing the same for me. So while well read seem pretty clear on the rules not a lot of experience in hand. However I love to tinker, convert and make things for any game I play. These are some ideas I came up...
  10. Lord Mhoram

    never mind :)

    Had a question that reading through the errata thread answered.
  11. Lord Mhoram

    Martial Art / Chi / Stances questions

    Reading through the draft rules for martial arts and chi, and had a couple of questions. 1) - Martial arts careers are treated as normal careers for XP ( or for the initial 5 grades). The whole "take this simultaneously" effect only comes into play when advancing a career by time? 2) - How...
  12. Lord Mhoram

    Racial Paragon Question

    Question on the Paragon EONS article - I know which way I will run for my campaign, but curious about formal ruling (mostly for my houserule document). For a race (like human) that has "player choice" for their choice of attributes, do they just pick each time they take a paragon career, or...
  13. Lord Mhoram

    Starting my first campaign

    Got the full NEW and what pieces of OLD are out there (Kickstarter backer). As the playtesting went on there were some changes to things that at the time I didn't like, so I sort of dropped out of playtesting. But when the full buck came out, I decided "I paid for it, may as well read it"...
  14. Lord Mhoram

    Pathfinder 1E What are the best "undead" modules?

    Looking for a list of the best undead centered modules for 3.x or Pathfinder. Aside from quality, I don't really care who published it - 3.x era, Pathfinder or 3PP for either. I have an odd gaming situation in that I play solo, and the wife GMs. But she doesn't have the time to come up with...
  15. Lord Mhoram

    Playing God #4 - Putting it Together

    Alright, after the last exercise our playstyle is known. What do we do with that knowledge? This is where we go shopping for systems. Choice of system is really vast today, compared to past times. Everything from Champions, one of the most detailed point based games to WuShu a very slim fast...
  16. Lord Mhoram

    Playing God #3 - Knowing Your Playstyle

    Choosing what system to play is one of the most important parts of gaming. And there are many many factors going in to that game choice. A basic list would include : Playing a system that you know, playing a game because of a large player base to find new people, trying something new, staying...
  17. Lord Mhoram

    Playing God #2 - The Best Tool in the Houseruler's Bag of Tricks.

    This one was delayed due to technical difficulties. In this installment we will explore one of the simplest and easiest ways a GM can make changes to the world and campaign without worrying very much about mechanical implications: changing Special Effects - also known as re-fluffing. This...
  18. Lord Mhoram

    [New Column] Playing God - Houseruling & System Hacking

    Welcome to the first installment of Playing God. The purpose of this column is to discuss approaches, thoughts and pitfalls of house rules, the making of major changes to systems and fine tuning any rules or flavor issues in a game. This is a home for the frustrated game designer in all of us...
  19. Lord Mhoram

    2 characters instead of 5 - opinionis requested.

    Basic question is – what kind of rules changes need to be made to let a two (or maybe 3) character party be roughly equivalent to a 5 character party. Reason for the question in rather odd. The wife is going to GM me solo, but because of work and school time constraints is planning to use...
  20. Lord Mhoram

    Characters, through their words

    A lot of us are making new characters for new 4E games. I thought it would be fun (as people like to talk about what they are creating) to post a short little paragraph or two, in character voice answering a question or two about their past, their goals or why they adventure. If nothing else it...