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  1. Corran

    Auntie Edie & The Professor

    Very nice story so far! :) Is it based on anything? I'd love some background on this one but I'm content to let the story parcel out info piecemeal. All three of your story hours are more than entertaining, you sure have a talent for this. Keep it up! :D
  2. Corran

    The Goodman Gang in The Mysterious Tower

    Love it; keep em coming. :)
  3. Corran

    The Lost Boys vs The Sunless Citadel

    I loved it. :D I'd just keep the one story hour with the English accents; it's not a problem if you can't figure it all out, it's part of the charm. All I didn't get was the singing (and I've heard enough football stadiums that I should have figured that one out). ;-)
  4. Corran

    The Lost Boys vs The Sunless Citadel

    Loved it as usual. :) The Barmy Army joke was fun. Now I'm trying to think which monsters make good Brummies, Mancunians and what have you. ;-)
  5. Corran

    Errors Updating User Account

    Any guess as to when this problem will be fixed? Email notification isn't working for me right now and I want to change my addy.
  6. Corran

    The Lost Boys vs The Sunless Citadel

    Can't wait. ;-)
  7. Corran

    Quick Cover Question

    As to 4) T/F: Green can fire his bow at Red, but Red has (soft) Cover from Yellow. There was a rule concerning ranged attacks that if the creature that provides cover is closer to the attacker than the defender it does not provide cover. So in this particular case Yellow would not provide...
  8. Corran

    The Lost Boys vs The Sunless Citadel

    This is some of the funniest D&D stuff I've ever read!!! Please keep it coming, I'm rolling on the floor every few sentences. ;-)
  9. Corran

    How far can you see at night?

    How does that interact with hide then? Normally you need to hide in areas of shadowy illumination because that offers concealment. So if a rogue is hiding 30' from a group of characters with a torch he can hide from everyone except those with low-light vision who will see him plain as day?
  10. Corran

    Can you trick someone into Voluntarily Giving up a Saving Throw?

    False Theurgy is the only Skill Trick I immediately banned from my campaigns. It is way too overpowered and the cost to gain it is incredibly low. I do have to add that this is all theory as I don't think I've ever seen a character counterspell in any of the campaigns I DM or played in. It...
  11. Corran

    Can you trick someone into Voluntarily Giving up a Saving Throw?

    By coincidence I just read the following in Dragons of Faerûn (Aggravate Dracorage spell, page 113): (Nevertheless, many casters of the spell will use subterfuge to trick the target dragon into allowing the spell to be cast freely upon it, thereby avoiding the dragon's high Will save bonus.)...
  12. Corran

    Can you trick someone into Voluntarily Giving up a Saving Throw?

    Can you trick someone into Voluntarily Giving up a Saving Throw against a different spell that you say you are going to cast? For example: Wizard: "I'm gonna cast a spell on you now that will let me see through your eyes, but for it to work I need you to give up your safe." Not too smart...
  13. Corran

    Do synergy bonuses stack?

    Thanks, I guess that's the definitive answer. It coming from different sources didn't ring true for me but this quote seals it.
  14. Corran

    Do synergy bonuses stack?

    It seems that everyone assumes that synergy bonuses stack, but is this correct? Just to be clear; what I mean is do synergy bonuses to a skill stack? For instance you can get a +2 to Diplomacy from Bluff, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) and Sense Motive for a total of +6 if they do indeed...
  15. Corran

    Thoughts on RPG Explorer!

    Ah, you were refering to the RPGXplorer .xml files. I have those. ;-)
  16. Corran

    Thoughts on RPG Explorer!

    Can you tell me what freeware DB you are refering to?
  17. Corran

    Targeted Dispel Magic, does it affect carried items?

    Reading Dispel Magic (quoted below) I have to say I'm unsure if the targeted version dispels the magic weapon spell on the sword carried by the fighter who is the target of a dispel magic spell. I looked in the SRD to find anything about attended objects, but I can't find it. What made me look...
  18. Corran

    How much can you say in 1 round?

    The rules assume you can speak a little as a free action each round, but they are far from crystal clear. A few questions come to mind: Can you only speak on your turn or also as a free action at any other point in the initiative order? How much can you say as a move action, standard action...
  19. Corran

    Trying to hide a readied action?

    If someone readies an action (like 'I shoot the mage when he starts casting'); I think it should be possible for that character to hide the fact that he's readying*. This can be important because of the choices people might make if they know someone is readying something (they can never no what...
  20. Corran

    3rd Edition saves; who remembers reading the designers intent?

    The 50% seems to be about right, if you assume that the modifier on the save is just as good as the modifier on the spell DC, something that isn't going to be the case most of the time. But as long as I can't find the original text it's fine to go on.