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  1. Duo Maxwell

    D&D 5E Recommended one-shot adventure as an anniversary game?

    My friends and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary as a D&D group next year. We've played every edition (except 1st) and we're really enjoying 5e. Even though we're currently running Waterdeep: Dragon Heist right now, we're getting really close to the end. What would you recommend as a...
  2. Duo Maxwell

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] How much damage can a "tree-shaped" creature do?

    A player in my group wants the tree shape spell cast on his druid's flying animal companion (via link) to crush his enemies below him. How much damage would you think this would do (to both his enemy and animal companion)?
  3. Duo Maxwell

    [WotBS] How is "Ragesia" pronounced?

    I don't know if this has been posted already, but in anticipation for the 4e conversion of the War of the Burning Sky campaign, I was wondering how the name "Ragesia" was pronounced?
  4. Duo Maxwell

    Recommend me a Forgotten Realms adventure/campaign

    With the new Forgotten Realms book on its way, I was thinking about using an old FR module or campaign set and converting it to 4E for my friends. So, what published adventures (from any edition) would you recommend?
  5. Duo Maxwell

    [Star Wars d20] Let's see some published campaigns!

    [Reposted from rpg.net] After reading about all the speculation of a new rulebook being released next year, what I'd really like to see for Star Wars d20 is a published campaign. West End Games had the Darkstryder Campaign boxed set (which I thought was well done), so how about we see the...
  6. Duo Maxwell

    [Shackled City] My players finished Ch.1 at level 4 - should I just skip to Ch. 3?

    Situation: The 5 PCs that are participating in the Shackled City campaign (hc edition) just finished Life's Bazaar at level 4. I skimmed ahead and saw that chapter 2 (Drakthar's Way) revolves mostly around fighting goblins. What I'd like to know: Should I just have my group skip ahead to...