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  1. Oofta

    D&D 5E Buying magic items, yes or no?

    This came up in another thread and I was curious how other people handled it. I don't think there's any right or wrong answer here, unlike some previous editions the magic mart is obviously not the default. I'm not talking about things like common potions of healing here, rather anything from...
  2. Oofta

    D&D General DM Authority

    This came up on another thread, but there's a lot of things going on over there so I thought I'd repost. How do you view DM authority? Some people say that they feel that "DM as ultimate authority" is outdated, but what does that really mean? According to the rules, the DM is the final...
  3. Oofta

    D&D General Illithid exist in the Star Wars universe?

    the-mandalorian-dungeons-and-dragons-mind-flayer Hmmm ... so does this mean that light sabers will soon be on an official equipment list? I did have to fight someone with a faulty breathing apparatus back in the day, so maybe we were just ahead of our time. Or could we see a Star...
  4. Oofta

    D&D 5E Countering Rest Spells (Tiny Hut, Rope Trick, et al)

    Instead of continuing to hi-jack the other top-hated spells thread, I thought I'd start a thread on spells that allow you to rest. The poster child for this is the Tiny Hut, but there's also Rope Trick and Magnificent Mansion. Personally, I've never found these too troubling because they're...
  5. Oofta

    D&D 5E PEL Encounter Calculator

    Oofta submitted a new resource: PEL Encounter Calculator - Encounter Calculator Read more about this resource...
  6. Oofta

    D&D General How would you handle this encounter?

    I wanted to share a slightly edited/abbreviated/simplified/paraphrased version of a recent encounter. I'm curious how other people would have run this or similar scenarios. I know I don't own the thread, but I was curious to see if we could just discuss a simple example or provide other brief...
  7. Oofta

    D&D 5E How do you handle insight?

    There was another thread that linked to a blog by Angry DM that, among other things said that in order to play D&D 5E the "proper" way a player will never state "I make an insight check". This is something that happens now and then in my game. If it wasn't for message boards I would never...
  8. Oofta

    Arr me maties, here there be ships!

    In case others haven't seen this, there's a UA article for ships and the sea here. Looks pretty straightforward. At first glance, it was a bit odd that ships have ability scores (int, wisdom and charisma are 0) where a ship’s Strength represents its size and weight. Dexterity represents a...
  9. Oofta

    D&D 5E How Many Point Buy Options

    EDIT OK, so I shouldn't post and go to bed. :blush: Looks like I had a minor glitch (thanks m00) and missed a few entries. Updated below On (yet) another thread about point buy vs rolling I made the claim that if you wanted to follow point buy but still be random, you could create a list of...
  10. Oofta

    D&D 5E Menacing and Diplomat from UA Skill Feats

    I would like to have a simple discussion about these feats without all the hyperbole that infected the other thread. Probably not possible. :D If you haven't already, you can see the pdf at UA-SkillFeats.pdf Assumption 0: Just to get it out of the way, obviously I can modify rules as a DM to...
  11. Oofta

    D&D 5E BattleMaster vs Champion, an analysis

    OK, first off I want to state that I don't really care that much about DPR. I think both the Champion and BattleMaster are fine classes. Even if BattleMaster does a little more damage based on your assumptions, I think people underestimate the superior athlete, additional fighting style and...
  12. Oofta

    D&D 5E How do you generate ability scores for PCs?

    I don't want to start another point buy vs roll thread, but I was curious how people generate ability scores. I've always been a fan of some variation of point buy, but I've also done a lot of living campaign games.