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  1. reelo

    Happy 45th Birthday, D&D !

    Somewhere around this time, 45 years ago, the very first iteration of our favourite game was released in print form. Yay! http://playingattheworld.blogspot.com/2019/01/d-45th-birthday.html
  2. reelo

    So what's the consensus on Castles&Crusaders

    As the title suggests, I was wondering what everybody thought of C&C. I've been reading a bit about it lately (during my quest for a system with a retro feel, but simple mechanics). Don't get me wrong, I really like 5E. But I also like the simplicity older editions had. Minus Thac0. ;) But I've...
  3. reelo

    Help me design my homebrew setting...

    Even though I'm currently DMing a campaign in the Realms, I somehow feel that it is too High Magic, Renaissance and generally too "upbeat" for my liking. I've always wanted to come up with a homebrew setting with an old-school feel to it. Maybe it's a false sense of nostalgia, I don't know...
  4. reelo

    Need help with a character concept

    I'm about to start DMing in the Realms and one of my players has an interesting character concept: he rolled a Scourge Aasimar (VGtM) Hexblade Warlock (UA) with the Haunted One background (CoS) Now, I have several possibilities and I'm wondering which way I should twist this: either I could...
  5. reelo

    D&D 5E Appropriating the Sword Coast

    After countless years of not playing any RPG (last time was 3.x Oriental Adventures) I'm about to start a campaign as a DM. Since I wanted to use the LMoP adventure (because it's just awesome) I'll have the party start out in NW. So, the path to around lvl 5 is pretty much set, but I'm already...
  6. reelo

    D&D 5E Improving the Ranger

    Once I get a group going, I'm planning to add Great Weapon Fighting to the list of fighting styles Rangers have access to. I'm picturing a ranger wielding a longsword (versatile) with 2 hands like Aragorn wielding Narsil. Right now, rangers are already sub-par compared to fighters, so upping...
  7. reelo

    D&D 5E Tempted to come back

    Hi. Even though I must have created the account on these boards quite some time ago, I've never been much of a poster. Recently I've been reading a bit about 5e and I must say I'm tempted to try it. When I was at university I played D&D regularly (3.5 Oriental Adventures/L5R mix) but when I...
  8. reelo

    Pathfinder 1E Channel Energy question

    I have a question concerning a cleric's channel energy ability. The book says "...causes a burst that affects all creatures of one type (living or undead) in a 30ft radius...the amount of dmg dealt or healed is 1d6..." Does that mean each affected creature is healed 1d6 (in the case of living)...