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  1. Istbor

    D&D 5E Thoughts on a 5e Lizardfolk Monk

    Hello fellow forum goers. I am looking for thoughts on a Lizardfolk Monk I am making for an upcoming online game. 27 point buy is what we are set at. So far thinking: 10 15 14 + 2 Racial 10 14 + 1 Racial 8 I know... I know... Two key stats not starting at +3. We do however get to start at...
  2. Istbor

    Starfinder Starfinder Class Guides?

    I have been bumping around the Internet and somewhat on here. I haven't found much on Class Guides for Starfinder. There are a few. I found them pretty light on crunch or unsatisfactory. Does anyone have a good link to point to some, or is it as I fear, pretty rare?
  3. Istbor

    Changing Birth date

    So I show as having been born in 1956 which is um... inaccurate to say the least. The section mentions to contact an Admin to get a correction. Who would be best to reach out to? A mod? Morrus?
  4. Istbor

    D&D 5E Okay, hear me out... A MAD Paladin.

    So I had this thought. It was of a Paladin, but one that would froth at the mouth with righteous zeal. That's right, I'm talking about multi-classing a Paladin into Barbarian, for the Path of the Zealot. I feel it could make some interesting flavor. I HAD thought about going crazier and...
  5. Istbor

    Age of Sail or Medieval Ship miniatures.

    Hello Gang, So, my homebrew is not really a full on nautical themed world. More like... a failing Rome, an Empire beset by forces on every boarder, and with enemies even within. There is though, a substantial amount of water. Several key locations and landmasses are larger islands or island...
  6. Istbor

    Divine power drawn from a place/object?

    Working on a new campaign. Without getting too specific, the Gods have all but punished and abandoned the world. However, I don't want to exclude the use or existence of divine spell casters. My thought then, is that Clerics, Paladin's and the like draw this power from the left behind...
  7. Istbor

    D&D 5E Building a couple new Necromancer spells

    As the title says, thinking of making a couple interesting spells for my Necromancer Wizard player. We had a long talk the other day, and at least one thing came up that I think sounds kind of cool. Basically, where you raise a Skeleton from maybe a more prominent deceased person. Our...
  8. Istbor

    D&D 5E Taxes, and the people who have to pay them.

    So an odd thing happened while reading through the discussion thread about the prices on slaves in the Underdark. What about taxes? My player's characters are all citizens of an established empire. Presumably, taxes are levied against said citizens. Why does this matter you ask? Well for a...
  9. Istbor

    Looking for Players in Madison Wisconsin

    Hello All! Recently had some openings in our local gaming group. Currently looking for some new blood to fill these slots. We typically play D&D, very much into 5th Edition. We have a couple experienced DMs but can always welcome more. There are four of us as of right now, and are...
  10. Istbor

    Building a Mini-Adventure

    Hello Fellows, Looks like it is my turn at the DM's seat. Seems to rotate every so often. Though the last adventure was only a couple of Roll20 sessions, I was thinking I would go a bit longer. We recently stopped off in a coastal city to reequip and sell unwanted loot. Every member of the...
  11. Istbor

    D&D 5E Some Thu'um?

    Thinking of incorporating some Thu'um like magic in a homebrewed campaign world I am running. The players got hooked on rumors of giants to the far North reappearing. Rumors that tell of their race's mastery over dragons in ancient times. So I occurred, why not make some of the more...