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  1. Sammael

    Seeking advice on publishing a game - which subforum?

    Hi everyone, I am now getting reasonably close to publishing my own d20 fantasy variant which I've been working on since 2008 (yeah, missed a couple of boats there - and this is the third or fourth revision) and I'd like to ask for some advice on how to do it - but I'm not sure which subforum is...
  2. Sammael

    D&D 5E How much Forgotten Realms have you used in your games?

    For those who run games in FR, or play in FR games, how much Faerûn have you covered? Creating a poll would be difficult, but perhaps with enough data maybe we can extrapolate what the most popular regions are. I'll start myself. I've been running games in FR for well over 15 years now, and the...
  3. Sammael

    D&D 5E Sammael's Curse of Strahd (CoS) Extravaganza

    So, before the Big Crash of 2016, I started a number of threads and replied to an even greater number of threads related to 5E and, in particular, the Curse of Strahd adventure. All my *cough* wisdom *cough* was lost ;) but fear not - I'll try to recreate some of that content here. I hope this...
  4. Sammael

    Pathfinder 1E Does Detect Thoughts break Invisibility? When?

    If an Invisible caster casts Detect Thoughts and then scans an area behind a closed door, would that break the Invisibility spell? Presumably, the caster has no idea what's behind the door - friends, foes, neutrals, etc.
  5. Sammael

    Obsidian's Project: Eternity

    Why is this not on the main page yet? Project Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment — Kickstarter
  6. Sammael

    A skills hypothesis

    We know that D&D Next currently uses a simplified skills system, with a fully fledged skills system still in development. The current skills system calls for a d20 roll, to which you add your ability modifier and your class/race/theme modifiers for the particular skill application (if any) and...
  7. Sammael

    Skills - what is your preference

    As it stands, skills in D&D Next are relegated to minor circumstantial bonuses that your character may or may not get as he or she progresses. EVERYTHING in the game will depend pretty much exclusively on your ability scores. So, after 10 levels of adventuring, your ability to climb will...
  8. Sammael


    Let's name some things (regardless of edition) that managed to gain traction. Monsters, spells, magic items, classes, optional rules... you name it. I'll start: Githzerai and githyanki - two sides of the same coin, with an elaborate backstory, common enemies, cool appearance, and enough...
  9. Sammael

    New Legends & Lore: Player vs. Character

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Player vs. Character) I still haven't read it, so no comments yet.
  10. Sammael

    Motivations of a winter goddess: any ideas?

    I'm sure that many of you are familiar with Auril, the FR goddess of winter, also known as the Frostmaiden. In one of the campaigns I'm running, I've hinted heavily that she is currently involved in a major plot, trying to manipulate the orcs of the North and other creatures into some scheme...
  11. Sammael

    Qs for smaller publishers - where to start?

    As some of you may know, I've been working on my own revision of the d20 system for several years now. Progress has been slow, so I've decided to set a concrete goal and deadline for myself, because that's the only way I'm ever going to finish it. My goal, of course, is to get the system...
  12. Sammael

    A new Planescape record - visiting 7 outer planes in one session

    Alright, I have to brag about this. A good friend of mine planned to celebrate her birthday today with a special RPG session that was meant to last 8-10 hours; the DM was going to be another mutual friend, but, due to real-life complications, she had to bail out of it yesterday. On the spur of...
  13. Sammael

    Traveling the Great Wheel

    First of all, Morrus - why don't we have a Planescape prefix? Just wondering if it's an oversight, or a sinister Yugoloth plot... Anyways, as I've stated many times in the past, I love Planescape - both as a full fledged campaign setting, and as a neat background drop for planar adventures in...
  14. Sammael

    Constitution variant: fast healing instead of extra HP?

    To preface this post, I do not have a problem with the concept of HP (such as it is). I am not interested in various wounds/vitality systems. I want to keep HP. However, I am not a fan of huge piles of HP. From my perspective, one of the main reasons for those huge piles of HP in D&D 3.x games...
  15. Sammael

    "Your paid subscription expires in less than a week! Click Here to renew it."

    Russ, After all the double subscription problems people have had, I really don't think this message is a good idea, since a similar message (albeit via e-mail) originally caused the double subscription issue for me. Subscriptions are auto-renewing, right? So why would we need to be reminded to...
  16. Sammael

    Disable the huge ads on front page

    Is it possible? Right now, on my screen, 1/2 of the front page is taken up by the navigation elements, and the other half is taken up by two huge ads. I can't see the news at all without enabling AdThwart or scrolling down (which I'm highly unlikely to do).
  17. Sammael

    Favorite threads

    I can no longer find a way to get to my favorite threads. I'm sure it's right in my face, but I can't find it.
  18. Sammael

    Deck of Many... Capricious Gods?

    I had an odd DMing idea today: Let's make a deck of cards. Each card will contain the symbol of a god active in the game world and an icon representing "favor" or "disfavor." Thus, two cards per god. To make things more interesting, there should be some blank cards in the deck as well, and some...
  19. Sammael

    Community supporter title

    I haz none. Am I not supposed to have one above my avatar and in my user profile?
  20. Sammael

    Feature request - hide forums

    How difficult would it be to implement a "per user" setting that would allow each user to hide certain forums from view? This feature would be even more useful for the mobile version of ENW, where screen real estate is even more valuable.