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  1. Songdragon

    Nobility Domain Re-Vist

    I would like to re-vist the discussion on the Nobility domain's Leadership feat. My character has recently reached 8th and now has access to the Nobility domain's 8th level power which would have been the Leadership feat. When I chose the Nobility domain I was aware of the change that LPF made...
  2. Songdragon

    Happy Holidays to All of LPF

    I want to wish everyone, a Merry Christmas and the very best in the New Year. I want to thank everyone for a great year of roleplaying in our Living Pathfinder world. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, however you celebrate them. ~ Songdragon (aka Zelena Adu and Saranna Surefoot)
  3. Songdragon

    Songdragon's Character Thread (Rivets Eternal)

    Makh Grimtooth, Bugbear Rogue 1 (Picture) Medium-sized Humanoid, Neutral, 23-years-old, 6'3", 250lbs., dark brown colored eyes, Dark brown fur with several light patches. STR: 14 (+2) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 6 (-2) Hit Dice: 1d6+2 (8hp) Speed: 30ft...