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    WOIN (O.L.D.) A Touch of Class for W.O.I.N. O.L.D.

    Over on Patreon, EONS #28 has a Royal Birth origin, a Monarch career, and topics covering fealty, reputation and rank, and royal titles.
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    WOIN A question about Psionics and Venetian "Tilt"

    Charging the Tilt, as an action or a reaction, costs the Venetian 1 point directly from the character's PSI attribute score for each round the Venetian chooses to maintain the Tilt. Base ability, Offensive ability, and Defensive ability are all active and offers the listed effects so long as 1...
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    WOIN My Miscellaneous Homebrew Work (w/ Airwolf stats)

    I think they're very similar and it seems we started on them at about the same time, roughly. Your's is much more convenient, though. I really need to get away from Excel and learn some code.
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    WOIN My Miscellaneous Homebrew Work (w/ Airwolf stats)

    Ok, folks, I've designed another Excel sheet. This one is the Foe Designer Assistant. It's not quite complete but there's enough here to be functional. Enter a name and MDP. Select Type, Role, Size, and Sentience from the dropdown lists provided. Data from the Designing Foes section of the core...
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    WOIN Foe Design Assistant 2019-09-20

    An Excel spreadsheet to assist with the details of foe creation. It's not complete but it is functional enough to design opponents for your games.
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    Maximum Dice Pools

    I created a couple of exploits for a project I'm working on that handles this in different ways. The first doesn't really alter the MDP rules as written, it merely assures the character a better chance at succeeding on checks related to the characters chosen strengths. Personal Niche. Choose...
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    WOIN W.O.I.N. Exploit to improve Vital Defense?

    I created one for Venetians, found in The Holds of Vendalyr. But, it's easily reworded for a general exploit. Remarkable Vitality. You inherited the genetic disposition toward an enduring fortitude and a capacity for survival. You gain +4 to your VITAL DEFENSES. There's also Forewarned. And...
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    WOIN My Miscellaneous Homebrew Work (w/ Airwolf stats)

    And the Skateboarder career I threw together for Michelangelo: Skateboarder [1d6 years] Prerequisites: AGI 4+ Skill choices: reactions, perception, skating, concentration, [physical] Grabbing Air. With at least a 10' start, you can use your skateboard to jump up to 30' up or across. Speed...
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    WOIN A little extra something for Psionics

    A little thing I started playing with, influenced by a conversation on the FB group page. Gimmicks are meant to be psionic abilities comparable to magical cantrips. Psionic Gimmicks Psionic Gimmicks are, generally, a set of simple tricks of mind over matter practiced by beginner psions while...
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    WOIN The WOIN Exploit Reference Manual

    Waiting on a proof copy. If everything looks good then the Exploit Manual will be available as P.O.D. through DTRPG soon.
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    WOIN The WOIN Exploit Reference Manual

    Now available, The WOIN Exploit Reference Manual. The What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. Exploit Reference Manual This reference supplement for EN Publishing's What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. roleplaying system collects the majority of the exploits found in the O.L.D., N.O.W., and N.E.W. core rulebooks, plus...
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    WOIN Excel Racebuilding Engine

    I have just uploaded Excel Racebuilding Engine to the downloads area. Excel worksheet calculates new race costs based on the WOIN Racebuilding Engine. You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.
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    Excel Racebuilding Engine 1

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    WOIN NOW Vehicle Stat Generator

    Latest update includes automatic calculations for Tuning bonuses and Upgrades are listed based on location (Front, General, Rear.)
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    WOIN Excel Racebuilding Engine

    The Racebuilder Engine Worksheet is complete. Download it or make a copy and run it through its paces. There's bound to be a few formulas not producing proper costs. Let me know about any issues that pop up and I'll try to get them fixed...
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    WOIN Excel Racebuilding Engine

    Mwuahahahaaa! It's nearly done. My excel sheet for creating WOIN races based on the Racebuilding engine should be completed soon. Only thing left to do is work out the skill costs formulas and add another sheet to populate in the proper format.