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    ZEITGEIST Mularbora?

    I'm curious about this term used to describe Nilasa Hume. As far as I can tell, it occurs only in her criminal file handout; and by "only" I not only mean nowhere else in all of Zeitgeist, but nowhere else on Earth, or at least those parts of the Earth searchable by Google. Is it a local term...
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    ZEITGEIST RHC uniforms?

    I'm thinking of commissioning some token artwork for the PCs, which naturally leads to wondering what their uniforms -- and Risuri uniforms in general -- should look like. About all I can find is that Risur soldiers wear tan with gold trim, going by the IatAotW token pack (aside: is there any...
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    ZEITGEIST Pathfinder at high levels?

    I don't think I have the patience to wait six months to a year for the 5e version to build enough of a buffer that I'd be willing to start; I want to run Zeitgeist now! :.-( So I'll have to try to talk my gaming group into sticking with Pathfinder. I think I can handle that part. (There's no...
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    ZEITGEIST 5E IatAotW: A Problem on the Coaltongue

    The fire sprites have been partially removed from the saboteurs' plans in a way that winds up making little sense. Sokana is not listed as having a summoning scroll, doing anything to summon the sprites, or indeed doing anything that involves the magazine; the sprites do not have a stat block...
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    [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.

    I'd like to know that too. ^.^ (Edit: I actually checked his website last week, but the "shop" header isn't a link.)
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    ZEITGEIST Flint: Real World Parallels?

    I've been burning brain cells wondering how to properly get the atmosphere of Flint across. It's like Victorian London, but plopped down on the edge of the mountains of a subtropical rain forest, with one particularly tall peak right in the city center... ...then it finally hit me after like...
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    ZEITGEIST Bonds of Forced Faith: Prologue or Diaspora? (and other questions)

    I've been puzzling over whether it would be best to run BoFF before IatAotW, or as an Arc flashback in Diaspora as suggested in a few places. The biggest problem (and it's not really big) I have with the former is the possibility of cluing the PCs into Harkover's secret right away (not...
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    ZEITGEIST Lurker's 5e Campaign Journal

    We're waiting for IatAotW, of course, but preparations are underway. This is a Roll20 game, played on intermittent Sunday nights (it's tricky when the DM and half the players are in California and the other half are on the East Coast). Characters: Sawney Chert, a Spirit Medium aasimar bard...
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    ZEITGEIST 5E Character Backgrounds and the Overall Plot

    So, pending the arrival of 5E Island at the Axis of the World, I've been introducing my players to the world of Zeitgeist and having them make characters. One of them will be a Heid Eschatol Sorcerer (white dragon blood), who's a little bit crazy -- she was technically a serial killer before...
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    ZEITGEIST How did the Demonocracy happen? (Spoilers)

    This has been bugging me lately. How was the Seal bypassed so completely as to allow an entire continent to be taken over by demons? Why hasn't that bypassing been repeated? How are there still demons and angels in the Crypta Hereticarum?
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    ZEITGEIST What's the RHC rank system like?

    I'm looking at the UK system for inspiration, but that might be more suitable for the regular Flint police, and in any case Delft, Saxby, and Price-Hill all have ranks that would be oddly low in that system. Would the PCs be expected to be all of equal rank at the beginning, or should they be...
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    ZEITGEIST A Note for the PF Version Compilation: On Dragon Worm and Recent Pathfinder Rules Clarifications

    Re-reading Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman, it occurs to me that by the latest rules clarifications in Numeria: Land of Fallen Stars, page 24, the Dragon Worm parasite should be classified as an "infestation" rather than a "disease." This makes it a bit more dangerous, as on top of the...
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    ZEITGEIST Mythic Zeitgeist?

    With the release of Mythic Adventures, and the likelihood of extremely high-powered shenanigans in the final third of the Path, I've been wondering if there are any plans to incorporate mythic tiers into the Pathfinder version. Unique mythic powers to go with each theme, perhaps?
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    PF "Aasimar" in Pathfinder version

    These are Deva in the 4E original, right? It seems like it would make infinitely more sense in Pathfinder if every instance of the word "aasimar" were replaced by "samsaran," because that's the race with all the reincarnation flavor. (And hello all, I'm extremely positive about Zeitgeist in...